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Fascinate Phone lock keeps on turning on when hit off.Support

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  1. Yaromaax

    Yaromaax Member

    i just did the update today and didnt notice it until i tryed doing it and it happens every other time, i send a message, and hit off, and then the screen opens up again,
    i just did a cold reset and nothing was fixed,
    then a hard reset and still isn't fixed, help?

  2. ggt1_02

    ggt1_02 Well-Known Member

    By hitting off do you mean that you are hitting the power button to turn the screen off? If so are double tapping perhaps or hitting it the same tine auto off is running?
  3. Yaromaax

    Yaromaax Member

    I mean when i hit the lock button ( locking the screen ), as i i were to send a message and hit lock. ( power off/off)

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