Fascinate problems after upgrades

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  1. dhj1974

    dhj1974 New Member

    Has anyone else seen this? The Verizon tech says she has had a lot of Fascinates come in with problems since Verizon started pushing out Samsung updates a few weeks ago.

    We got a Verizon Fascinate in February. It worked fine for several months. Sometime last month (June) they pushed out software updates. The phone started acting weird and would lockup from time to time. Occasionally it wouldn't work when near a WiFi hot spot with security. Like it would lock out Verizon in favor of WiFi that it couldn't access. No phone. It started locking up and wouldn't work as a phone or to text. Sometimes we could wake it up by calling it. Then another update was pushed out last week. Then it was really messed up. Lockups and it would turn off data access, no internet.

    We took it to the Verizon store today when it was locked up. We met a very helpful tech support person who told us that she had seen quite a few of these with similar problems. Apparently the updated software that gets pushed out by Verizon comes from Samsung. She has been able to pick and choose software and push it out manually on her equipment. The phone is working now for voice and text, but no internet or apps.

    I called Samsung customer support. Their only offer is to have us send in the phone for them to "look at it". No promises. the phone is still in warrantee and they don't seem to care if we have to do without our phone for a week or a month. What worries me is that Verizon knows that there's a problem with the model, they don't have any in their store and THERE ARE NONE IN THE WAREHOUSE. Hmmm, sounds like maybe Samsung is running away from this model. So since they have pushed out two updates in the last few weeks that have progressively made it worse, what are the chances that they even care about WASTING resources on fixing this? It sounds like it could be a hardware problem because they seem to be able to get the Android system working on other models.

    So I Samsung won't give timely support on what seems to be a bad product THAT IS IN WARRANTEE, would you want to buy ANYTHING from them?

    Has anyone else had problems and, if you did, did you send yours in to Samsung? Did it help? How long did it take?

  2. alancsgen2

    alancsgen2 New Member

    Not the same phone but I just updated my Droid X to Version 2.3.3 and I no longer have any net access. Verison response, 'yeh sometimes you get problems'. No offer for a solution.
  3. katsimbris

    katsimbris Active Member

    Ugh, if that's their attitude, why even have them put people in the store?

    Mike K
  4. ggt1_02

    ggt1_02 Well-Known Member

    I would not go the store for any support issues. They don't stock replacement phones and are generally not knowledgeable.

    Call tech support and get through first level to the second level techs. They will have you do a factory reset. This may help.

    Also have them do a DMU reset or ESN swap. There may be a database corruption on their end.

    As a final step take a replacement phone. As with anything mass produced the hardware fails.

    As far as samsung running away from this model; it is not the flagship of the line any more. The charge has been released and the sgs2 is due soon. It doesn't surprise me that samsung has no stock.
  5. dhj1974

    dhj1974 New Member

    To be clear - the Verizon people are trying, but it is Samsung that is the road block because the phone is in warranty. It was the Samsung provided upgrades that messed up the phone. I wish it was out of warranty because the aftermarket warranty is 10 times as good as the factory one.
  6. katsimbris

    katsimbris Active Member

    Gotcha. I'm with you now.

    Mike K
  7. Gary84604

    Gary84604 New Member

    My phone has been doing the exact same thing since the updates. They know about the problems and yet their solution is to send out "another" phone. I have sent 3 phones back in the past two weeks. I'm new to verizon and this is my first phone with them. I am paying almost twice what I was paying with t- mobile and the service is horrible. The absolute worst business decision I have ever made was going with Verizon. They hide behind "it is a manufacturer issue"....well I bought my phone and service from VERIZON. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.
  8. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems.

    Mine has the Froyo upgrade and has never missed a beat.

    Knock knock!

    Froyo does have some irritants that irritate me, but the phone does pretty good otherwise.

    Mine is box stock so far...

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