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  1. svenb352

    svenb352 Well-Known Member

    Is anyone having problems with fast changing pixels? If you look in the upper left corner of the phone on the taskbar do you notice rows of pixels changing from red to green to normal? It happens especialy when I am in facebook. It seems when I open any programs it shows up but if I let it sit there a bit the pixels eventually fix themselves and it goes back to normal. Does anyone else have this prob?

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  2. cobalt

    cobalt Well-Known Member

    Hmm.... no, haven't seen that. I tried playing around with various things on mine and couldn't replicate anything like it. Hate to say it, but that sounds like a (likely rare) hardware problem, I'd guess GPU/RAM. I guess it had to happen to someone eventually, but it sucks to be the one it happens to. Hopefully it's painless to exchange for a new 3VO at a store?
  3. joshversusk

    joshversusk New Member

    I'm noticing what I hope is a repairable stuck pixel in the upper left corner, just under the HTC logo. It's tiny but still noticeable, bothersome. Is this something I can take to a Sprint store to get fixed?
  4. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    its within 30 days, get a new phone, i would not let them repair a under 30 day phone
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  5. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    Agreed. I would just request a new one. Sometimes they can be sticklers about stuck pixels though (in that they are hard to see and the rep. will have to identify it before he/she can exchange it).
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  6. ebolamonkey3

    ebolamonkey3 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I have this weird banding issue on my Evo 3D. It comes and goes randomly, I haven't been able to find a pattern for it. I know it's not a physical issue, but I snapped a picture so you guys can see.

    What do you guys think, time to return and get a new one?

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  7. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Your post reminded of the OP here, so I've consolidated threads for others with this issue.

    I dunno - that looks pretty wrong to me. Maybe try a battery pull, watch it for a day or so at most.

    That's not the sort of thing you want to see degrading into a full-bloom problem outside of your return period.
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  8. getlikeme2007

    getlikeme2007 New Member

    I once stumbled upon an app that claims to repair pixels that were somewhat damaged. maybe give that a try?
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  9. ebolamonkey3

    ebolamonkey3 Well-Known Member

    Na, if it's broken I'll return it for a new one. Did a battery pull and it went away. Will keep an eye on it and if it shows up again I'm taking it back.
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  10. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Those work really well for stuck pixels, highly recommended for that. :)
  11. Spdy

    Spdy Well-Known Member

    actually the EXACT same thing happened to my evo 3d..i just removed my widget and it was fixed..other than that my evo 3d had a few minutes were the touchscreen didnt respond at all except for the notification bar..and i have a dead pixel in the bottom..but other than that its been alright.if it gets worse ill definitely return but these were just temporary events (except for the pixel but it isnt too noticable)..figure if it does get worse ill just use the warranty later on...i mean its a brand new 3d for free any time later this year.
  12. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    It may mean a refurbished replacement - best check that.
  13. svenb352

    svenb352 Well-Known Member

    I actually ended up returning it for another one and this one works just fine :)
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  14. Devin93

    Devin93 New Member

    I came home with my Evo 3D today and after playing with it for awhile I took a close look at the screen. I noticed that I have 5 dead pixels on my screen. I was shocked, but luckily I can swap it out at Radioshack for another tomorrow. I was just curious if any one else has had any problems with stuck or dead pixels. Only 1 is very obvious as it's located at the top right on the notification bar and shines a white dot which is an eyesore whenever I look in the corner.
  15. Evoixmrftw

    Evoixmrftw Well-Known Member

    Oh god that sucks. Luckily I have none. Dead pixels are one defect I have no tolerance for.
  16. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I moved your posts here.

    As noted above, apps and websites with stuck pixel solutions DO work, and there are free ones.

    Everybody hates stuck pixels, sorry to hear it happened to you.
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  17. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Well-Known Member

    I've noticed this on occasion on my Evo 3D -- only on Widgets. It jumped around a bit too, which makes me think it's a software issue, perhaps something about the new carousel 3D skinning/texturing not quite working correctly. A reboot fixed things, and for other reasons I've since switched to Go launcher EX instead of Sense 3.0 and haven't had any of those issues since.

    I doubt a return would solve this issue.
  18. Lozer_Kid

    Lozer_Kid Well-Known Member

    I am getting those same distorted lines on my screen! :(
  19. Swooshmandm

    Swooshmandm New Member

    I am also getting the lines through widgets randomly. Mine also go away with a reboot.
  20. androidpirate

    androidpirate Active Member

    i've only gotten this on the HTC quick record widget and the HTC word of the day widget. never got it before i downloaded those two.
  21. dornier

    dornier Well-Known Member

    The Touch Calendar widget I use was causing corrupted horizontal video bands accross the bottom half of the widget. By changing to a 4X3 widget, the issue stopped. On another occasion, I was showing a friend a 3D picture and the corrupted video was present. I switched to another picture, then back to the original picture and the corrupted video went away. I hope it's not a hardware issue. The issue only occurs once in a while.
  22. atg284

    atg284 Well-Known Member

    Not to cause too much of an alarm but I have never experienced this with any application. I would be monitoring the issue and reporting to sprint before the 30 day exchange expires. It's just me but if my screen was doing this I would consider it a hardware problem.
  23. DeeJayCrash

    DeeJayCrash Well-Known Member

    I had an issue with banding, I uninstalled the widget and then reinstalled it again... Problem fixed!
  24. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Well-Known Member

    Then your consideration would be wrong... because it's most definitely not a hardware problem.
  25. atg284

    atg284 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I believe I jumped to an early conclusion there :( I was thinking it was happening in any program at any given time.

    Many apologies.

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