(Fast Reboot) frees up memoryTips

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  1. Johnnybee

    Johnnybee Active Member

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  2. etacarinae

    etacarinae Active Member

    Is this meant for the tablet too.? thought just for phone.
  3. Johnnybee

    Johnnybee Active Member

    Yes, Ive been using it for my HTC Droid Inc phone. And recently tried it on the Xoom works great.
  4. bulldogmoe7

    bulldogmoe7 Active Member

  5. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Very nice.

    On a side note - my Xoom takes about 2 minutes to boot, not 1. Every update I have received has added about 10-15 seconds to the boot. So this will be nice.

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