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Fast swap of keyboards?

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  1. MrHawley

    MrHawley Active Member

    Hi, I have a Galaxy Tab (7") and installed the "Better Keyboard" app which I like a lot. However I also have the Samsung Keyboard-Dock and when I plug the tab into the dock it automatically swaps "Better Keyboard" for the "Samsung Keypad" (I guess for compatibility reasons).

    When I'm done with the dock I then have to manually switch back to my preferred "Better Keyboard" and running the gauntlet of Menu/Settings/Language and Keyboards/Select Input Method and then back to the home screen is getting REALLY ANNOYING! :mad:

    Does anyone know of a widgit or app that would allow me to toggle back to "better keyboard" quickly, or perhaps a way to make the tablet automatically switch back to my preferred keyboard when I undock it?

    Thanks tons

  2. John Redcorn

    John Redcorn Well-Known Member

    At least on lower versions of android, I don't know about HC, As a shortcut to going through all those menus, you're able to switch keyboards by long-pressing any text input field and it will pop up a "input method" button, click that and it should give you choices of keyboards.
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  3. MrHawley

    MrHawley Active Member

    My SGT 7" is running FroYo not HC and it works!
    You may have just saved my sanity...for today anyway <grin>.


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