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  1. tut123

    tut123 Member

    I followed the instructions in this thread:

    I got fastboot to load and it working, but when I try to load SwiftDroid 2.0, I get <waiting on device> and it hangs there. I went into device manager and found the the drive for the "android" device was not installed and the device has a yellow triangle on it, meaning no driver.

    Any ideas?

    Another question, is the 2.1 code installed when fastboot is first installed, is it different from what LG gives us? It seems to work better than the original. :) It is rooted?


  2. tut123

    tut123 Member

  3. tut123

    tut123 Member

    Found a copy of 2.3.7 and installed using recovery mode. Works great.

    Thanks to CyanogenMod 7 guys. I now have what seems like a new phone.

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