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"fastboot devices" can not specify devices

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  1. mazha

    mazha New Member

    hi there,when i try to get my nexus one rooted ,i do[FONT=宋体, Tahoma, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

    "fastboot flash boot nexusone.superboot.1.1.img"

    (i have already unlocked it before),it stucked while saying "sending 'boot' (xxxx KB)..." when i stop the process.The next time i do "fastboot devices",i get "????????? fastboot" instead of "XXXXXX fastboot"(the XXXXXX is the s/n number).Is this saying that the devices was unable to be specified?what should i do now?Thanks in advance.

    ps:my nexus one is KT nexus one(korea).



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