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  1. nasper

    nasper New Member

    Hi . i buy Lg Optimus ME P350 and i install MOD Manages and try to Participate SD to use space for install apps, and my phone reboot and start with blank screen and says "Fastboot mode started .... udc_start() " and it's stuck like this all day, any help plz

  2. ethan123

    ethan123 Member

    i need help too !!
  3. OptimusCrazy

    OptimusCrazy New Member

    Been there, try this

    Download B2CAppSetup.exe its the lg support tool, follow instructions and install the driver, or download google sdk and install the adb interface driver. once you can communicate with the phone through fastboot download the recover.img and place it in the same folder as fastboot.exe on your PC download from bellow

    Download recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img here

    Then type in:

    fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img

    Then type fastboot reboot and it should boot up into Android.

    worked for me.

    I wont be installing ROM Manager on it again.
  4. jkatblues

    jkatblues Member

    sorry optimuscrazy link does not work?
  5. faq ali

    faq ali New Member

    it also happened to my phone last week. i used Rom manager and replaced the recovery by mistake as i was new to that. then i unrooted my phone. after unrooting successfully. it started working normally. after that i had done a factory reset but my phone started indicating fastboot mode started. i was not able to turn it on because the recovery was not there. i think you also have the same problem. I got it repaired from LG service centre.

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