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  1. brandyjowo

    brandyjowo New Member

    I came in to work this morning to a phone lying on my desk bricked...I have no idea what happened, it's a company phone and the person who last had it says they don't know what happened. I have a feeling that they were doing trying to root it, but before I confront them I want to check that it's not impossible for the phone to randomly go into fastboot mode by itself. So, my question is can that happen? Or do you have to be actively trying to program the phone for it to go into fastboot mode? Every search I do regarding fastboot comes up showing people who got into it while trying to root, but no one I saw had their phone just randomly go into that mode. On my old company phones (Blackberry) they could just get a software issue and then I'd have to wipe them and reload them, but this is the first Android I've ever seen with a software issue. I haven't gotten into rooting Androids, or any kind of phone repair with them like I did with Blackberry so i really don't know much. I have a personal Android (the original Evo 4g), and then a handful of company phones that are Android, but haven't come across any major issues yet. So nice compared to Blackberry. :eek:

  2. SanDiegoStevo

    SanDiegoStevo Member

    I've had this happen to my phone once since I've had it. I have no idea what caused it. I wasn't tinkering with it at the time, although my phone is rooted. I had to pull the battery to reboot it.
  3. brandyjowo

    brandyjowo New Member

    Unfortunately pulling the battery didn't work for me, I ended up taking it to the Sprint store, they replaced the phone.

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