fastboot please?

  1. How do I fastboot a huawei m860?

  2. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Need more info really. But thankfully there is a forum just for your device here : Ascend - All Things Root - Android Forums And there are a number of active users in the forum who can help you with anything related to the particular fastboot function you wish to achieve whether it be flashing recovery or a boot image. I highly suggest joining and speaking with others who own your device and have already rooted the device,installed recovery and other things. And welcome to the forums by the way ;)
  3. fullbloodedmut

    fullbloodedmut Well-Known Member Contributor

    rom manager in the app store has the fastboot,actually once install you can put a widget on your home screen which will give you other options too,are you rooted,version?

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