Faster way to connect to bluetooth device?

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  1. bugsmac9

    bugsmac9 Member

    I enjoy streaming music from my Droid to my car stereo:cool:. Every time I leave the car I have go back to settings >wireless & networks >Bluetooth setting > connect to device:mad:. Are there any apps or settings that can make this quicker?

  2. flu13

    flu13 Well-Known Member

    I have Battery Widget installed. You click the widget, and you can click the Bluetooth button, which takes you straight to the bluetooth settings. I click the device to connect, then go home. I think that next time you click the widget, you go straight there.

    There may be a better way, but I don't know it.
  3. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Well-Known Member

    Is there not a stock power widget on the Droid? That works pretty good for me.
  4. bugsmac9

    bugsmac9 Member

    I'll try them both when I get out of work in 6 hrs.
  5. flu13

    flu13 Well-Known Member

    My Samsung Moment and I are jealous.
  6. jodaboda

    jodaboda Well-Known Member

    You can try Bar Control. With it, you can put a shortcut to BT settings into the notification panel. So no matter what screen you're on, you just pull down the NP and click to open BT settings. (You can actually choose to make a shortcut to just about anything).

    Also, make sure your device as listed in BT settings is set to always be used for media audio. Find the device in the list, click-hold it, then choose options. It's obvious from there. That worked for me-- now when I get in my car, it automatically connects to the stereo as soon as the car is turned on (I don't usually have to go into BT settings).
  7. bugsmac9

    bugsmac9 Member

    Bar Control is awesome!
    Thanks jodaboda
  8. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    I use Quick Profiles to set up my "car" profile which includes turning on bluetooth.
  9. Johnny Cakes

    Johnny Cakes Well-Known Member

    Better Cut will let you put a shortcut on you main page, which takes your direct to Bluetooth settings.
  10. bdombro

    bdombro New Member

    Better Cuts and Any Cuts both are awesome for this ;-)
  11. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    Any chance there's something out there that goes one step further? I'd love to click a shortcut on my home screen that simply forces connection with a particular device. If I remember to turn on bluetooth before I start my car, everything is fine, but I don't autoconnect otherwise if my car is started and then I turn on bluetooth.
  12. Niteperson

    Niteperson Active Member

    If you're willing to leave Bluetooth on at all times, your phone should automatically connect to your car when you start the car. At least that's how it works with my Kia. Shouldn't have to do anything else. Otherwise, yeah, any of the power controls will work.
  13. randomandroid

    randomandroid New Member

    Hi All,

    I have an NFC enabled Samsung Galaxy Nexus and have placed NFC tags in specific places (car, living room, home theater, bedroom, etc.) so that I when I set my phone on the NFC tag I can automatically play music over Bluetooth in that location.

    I am trying to completely automate connecting to a *specific* Bluetooth device, not simply toggle Bluetooth on or off, or select the desired Bluetooth device from a menu. I am currently using "NFC Task Launcher" to accomplish the majority of this, but as far as Bluetooth is concerned, the most I've been able to automate so far is to simply Bluetooth on or off. (I also tried "Tasker" but the functionality I am looking for is missing from this app as well.) I have not found a way to read an NFC tag and automatically connect to a specific Bluetooth device based on which tag is read, nor have I even found a "one click" app / widget that connects to a specific Bluetooth device. (If such a "one click" app / widget exists, I could automate the launching of that app to make the connection.).

    (Also having the Bluetooth device in each location initiate the connection isn't a viable solution, I need for the phone to initiate the connection.)

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  14. bstern

    bstern New Member

    Did you find a solution to this NFC approach, and direct specific bluetooth device activation?
  15. desdroid

    desdroid Member

    An amazing One click - Connect 2 Specific Bluetooth device for A2DP and Phone app:

    Bluetooth Pair

    found it very useful for swapping bluetooth headphones between devices WITHOUT turning off Bluetooth entirely or going into the settings menu.

    Example Use Case:

    • I have one Stereo Bluetooth headset with mic (two profiles - phone and A2DP audio)
    • I have one Android Phone and one Android Tablet.

    Phone Profile is always connected to the Android Phone, but the A2DP audio changes depending on which device you want to listen to music from.

    Normally, if you want to listen to audio from the Tablet when your headset's A2DP profile is connected to the phone, you'd have to first go to the settings menu of the phone, and disconnect the A2DP, leaving Phone Profile connected. Then go to the settings menu on your tablet and connect the A2DP only.

    Then you'd have to do the opposite if you want to listen to audio from the Phone again.

    Takes a long time.

    With Bluetooth Pair, you can specifically connect or disconnect to a specific device and specific profile (phone / a2dp) by widgets.

    So you won't have to turn off the bluetooth completely on one device just to allow your headset to connect another device. Nor do you need to go into settings anymore.

    1.) Just tap on the A2DP device specific widget on the phone to disconnect, the A2DP Profile from the phone
    2.) go to the Tablet, and tap on the A2DP device specific widget to connect the A2DP profile of the headset to the Tablet

    Two taps!

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