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Faster way to get official 2.1 with ROOT

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  1. zorlog

    zorlog New Member

    I offer faster way in two clics to get official 2.1 with root! in this firmware root is already made , no need to make after falshing!!! first download the firmware itself it is made in format update.zip(through sd card) [link removed]

    Firmware is only for custom recovery! if you have already then it is 1 clic offer)
    I recccomend recovery RA-hero-v1.2.3. and newer
    here is file update-Hero-HTC-RUS-2.73.411.17-release-signed-rooted.zip
    [link removed]

    How to do:
    Load in recovery mode
    DO Nandroid backup
    DO Wipe
    flash update-Hero-HTC-RUS-2.73.411.17-release-signed-rooted.zip
    reboot Hero:)

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    I've tried this on my own Hero this evening and it never got beyond the language selection (English or Russian, nothing else) before rebooting. Basically it doesn't work as-is, and in any case seems a poor alternative to the pre-rooted WWE ROMs already available elsewhere.

    I've therefore removed the links to the files.

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