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Fastest Xperia Play R800i rom

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  1. eraoof

    eraoof Active Member

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering what, in your opinion, is the fastest rom for my Xperia Play R800i. I know that this is a subjective question but that's why I'm asking for your opinion! So I'm using ICX at the moment but because it is only in the Beta stages I'm finding it slow. So I am looking something that looks cool, has surprising features but is FAST!!!

    haha ok so I'll leave it to you guys, thanks in advance and I can't wait to here your suggestions.

  2. eraoof

    eraoof Active Member

    so no help then?
  3. Kinjutsu

    Kinjutsu Member

    JokaWild v3 final ;) superfast custom rom Gingerbread based running on .62 FW
  4. eraoof

    eraoof Active Member

    that sounds great but im wondering if you have had some personal experience with this rom?

    if so--> can you please tell me about it, and if so incl. screenshots

    if not--> do you know of any good reviews of said rom?
  5. Kinjutsu

    Kinjutsu Member

    i am using this rom for quite some time now and as for the screenshots you can try visiting xda forums for it under xperia play android development section ;)
  6. eraoof

    eraoof Active Member

    So I have been using this rom for a while, also using doomkernel with it.

    I have to say, it is very good, but im wondering if you are using setcpu withit or any other modding apps? if so, can u please inform?
  7. alquistador

    alquistador Member

    you need to have an unlocked boot loader
  8. eraoof

    eraoof Active Member

    Really? I never would have guessed! The fact that I was already using ICX with an UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER didn't trigger something in your head??? Seriously? I mean I wouldn't be saying this if you actually contributed to this thread but your comment was so out of place and was just a waste of commenting space! Did you honestly think you were helping? I would really like to know if thought that you were helping.
  9. eraoof

    eraoof Active Member

    P.S. If you actually thought that you were helping, I apologise for my little outburst. I just found your comment dumbfounding.

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