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Favorite Album?

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  1. BS1397

    BS1397 Active Member

    OK, I like albums with a running theme throughout, and I don't mean a collection of disjointed songs added to fill a Vinyl or CD.

    Think Tubular Bells, War of The Worlds, Dark Side of The Moon...etc.

    List your favorite albums here and lets see how many we can count?

    I confess that I am being sneaky because I forgot a lot of them and would love to refresh my memory so I can rebuild my collection...

    Over to you guys... :rock:

  2. Austen

    Austen Member

    Hello dear if i tell you about my favorite album which i like to listen always and that is Pitbull's and Eminem' s albums they are great singers and i like to listen them for
    all time in my life and i am also in waiting for their new albums......

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