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Favorite Android/Optimus V Apps - List YoursGeneral

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  1. lpnalda

    lpnalda Well-Known Member

    Have to take text Enlarger off the list now. Per app settings not working anymore making this too risky to use. As I said in another post, I'm heartbroken! This app made my phone so easy to see.


  2. satguyjim

    satguyjim Active Member

    K9-Mail (for copy/paste)
    2G-3G OnOff
    Gemini Calendar (for copy/paste events)
    Google Voice
    MLB At Bat
    MyBackup Pro
    Task Manager
    Gauge Battery Widget
    Quick Settings (for Hotspot)
    Shop Savy
    TuneIn Radio
    Smooth Calendar Widget
  3. chrissurra

    chrissurra Well-Known Member

    K9 email
    BeyondPod (live updating of podcasts)
    Google Goggles
    Setcpu (overclocks and underclocks)
    Opera Browser
    Quick settings
    Ringtones Free
    Battery indicator
  4. j1232

    j1232 Well-Known Member

    In no particular order but here are must haves. . I just started using android within a week.

    google lattitude
    google maps
    opera mini
    google voice
    google goggles
    barcode scanner
    NY times
    bank of america
    ing direct
    Google Reader
    GPS Status
    AdvancedApp Killer
    ustream mobile app
  5. imanjunk1963

    imanjunk1963 Member

    Since VM will not allow voice mail forwarding tointegrate with Google voice, has anyone stumbled over an app that will effectively forward the phone to GVoice regardless to the source of the call and not only if the source started say with your google voice number that was directed to your cell? Forwarding VM voice to my google voice is the only thing I have not gotten working
  6. imanjunk1963

    imanjunk1963 Member

    I read some where that the VM Optimus hardware included a FM tuner. Has anyone heard this and if so is there an App to download that makes use of the FM tuner built into the phone?
  7. WvGoDFather

    WvGoDFather Member

    I love the fact that there is a free app, that allows for HotSpot.
    Surprised more of you dont have Lookout.
  8. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    Some GSM models of the Optimus have an FM tuner...the V does not.
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  9. imanjunk1963

    imanjunk1963 Member

    Barcode Scanner with CardStar
    Scanner Radio
    Sipdroid VOIP WIFI or 3G calls, no minute use
    Music Ring
    Quick Settings
    Android System
    Google Search
    Navigation / Maps
    WiFi Analyzer
    Advanced Task Manager
    USA today
    Google Sky
    Wheres My Droid
    Anti Virus Free
    TV Listings
    Event crazy
    Yahoo Finance
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  10. BeachGuy

    BeachGuy Active Member

    Hey all, to TVCCS, you mentioned early in this thread you were trying blacklist apps but none were working... Did you happen to find one that worked for you? I've searched around myself, and another forum mentioned that for 2.1 android users to go to: Settings -> Call settings -> All calls -> Auto reject. Of course we don't have that option, at least I don't, only have Settings -> Call settings -> Excuse Messages | Plus Code Dialing | TTY Mode | DTMF Tones...
    Anyway, anyone else have any suggestions? Thanks!

  11. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    Call Blocker just blocks Anonymous calls...Easy Filter is more comprehensive and let's you create Block lists, etc...that's what I prefer. I'm still testing...and am not taking a lot of calls yet on the phone. Try Easy Filter.
  12. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    Adobe Reader
    Backup everthing
    Barcode Scanner
    Google Maps
    Beutiful Widgets
    Cnet News
    Google Sky Map
    Open Signal
    Quick Settings
    Rotation Toggler
    Smart places
    TD Bank
    tune in radio
    Angry Birds
  13. lburgguy

    lburgguy Well-Known Member

    I second a reply above: I'd love to have an app that will take a call to my real phone number but use google voice to take the message - this way eliminating the need to call in and get my messages in my "real" voice mailbox.
  14. lburgguy

    lburgguy Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I'm loving Simple Sound Profile Widget as figuring out the volume level of various things on Android is a pain!
  15. hugeoso

    hugeoso New Member

    CPHT, Did you get the elixir's widget "mobile data switch" to work with your optimus? I cannot turn the data on and off, and I cannot find the apn settings with elixir.
  16. Tamarack

    Tamarack New Member

    This is what I have installed so far:
    Android Assistant
    Adobe Reader
    Antivirus Free (the android one)
    Color Flashlight
    Google Sky Map
    Yahoo Messenger
    Note Everything
    NOTE: I also have the crap load of apps that came with the phone, many of which I probably will never use. Any idea how to get rid of them? Android Assistant doesn't list them so I can delete them that way.
  17. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    To get rid off Apps already installed, you would have to root the phone.
  18. musick

    musick Well-Known Member

    Free Music Download - Searchable database to download MP3s directly to your phone for free. I can make a better mix than Pandora, although I still use it.

    RealCalc - Scientific calculator.

    Google goggles - Google search using pictures. Pretty cool.

    Google skymap - Point your phone at the sky, and Google Sky Map will show the stars, planets, constellations, and more to help you identify the celestial objects in view.

    Virgin minutes checker - Instant info on minutes used/left and payment due date.

    ShopSavvy - Scan a barcode and find out where it is locally (and the price) or where to buy online.

    QuickSettings - One touch app to control battery consumption. Change wifi, gps, 3g (among others) settings almost instantly.

    Zedge - Hundreds of thousands of wall papers and ringtones. Searchable.

    Google Voice Actions sounds cool. Going to get it next.
  19. musick

    musick Well-Known Member

    Not what I was expecting.

    Any free apps that let you speak the body of text messages?

  20. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    Vlingo has a Safe Reader if you want SMS messages read.
  21. cpht

    cpht Well-Known Member

    hugeoso, I ran into the losing 3G issues and thought maybe elixir was the culprit. widgetsoid can do everything elixir did for me and isn't as big, so elixir has been removed from my phone. I haven't found a mobile data widget that works yet.widgetsoid beat out elixir because of file size, the brightness switcher, and the mobile hotspot toggle. elixir looked nicer, but I need all the free space I can get.
    I'm still having connectivity issuesabout once a week but my wife's samsung instinct on vm has none.
  22. lizm

    lizm Well-Known Member

    And you can speak to create texts with Vlingo also.

    I do it from the Car Mode in Vlingo but I assume you can do it from the Vlingo keyboard too.
  23. lizm

    lizm Well-Known Member

    I had a LOT of apps on my Incredible so when I sold it and bought the V, I got to decide what I really wanted to download again, since i didn't use half of them probably, and space is limited on the V.

    The list is much smaller now.

    • AppBrain - organizes all the apps...helps me find new ones too
    • Swype (came with and i really like it now...haven't re-downloaded Vlingo because I am liking this)
    • Maps (I use Maps-Nav-Places probably more than anything else on this phone)
    • Vibe Vault (archive.org music player)
    • Pandora
    • Car Home (customizable Car Mode)
    • Quick Settings (like being able to turn stuff off and on quickly)
    • Facebook
    • Our Groceries (list)
    • Good Morning (neat alarm, tells me the weather and stuff)
    • Weatherbug
    • Calorie Counter (cal tracker)
    • GTunes (dl's free mp3s from around the net)
    • Barcode Scanner
    • Shazam
    • My Days (it's a chick thing)
    • Google Voice (I use the GV # for business, with I could use the visual voicemail as default for VM # too but not yet...)
    • Mint.com (money management)
    • Carrr Matey (finds your parked car or whatever, with pirate theme)
    • Maverick (offline maps, hiking)
    • NY Times
    • Time Magazine
    • K-9 Mail (use for my not-gmail)
    • Handcent (love for SMS)
    • Mileage (tracks mileage I get)
    • Gas Buddy (find prices)
    • Business Calendar Beta (prefer the widget for cal display over stock)

    Haven't gotten around to re-downloading yet but will - Flight Status - shows you where planes are and when they'll land/take off, Kayak (flight price search), Endomondo (sports tracker for runs and bike rides and whatnot).
  24. cpht

    cpht Well-Known Member

    another thread said that most apps that toggle data may be the source of our droppef data issues. has anyone found a toggle for data that lets you turn data back on and works? btw, new version of elixir beat out widgetsoid for me
  25. GWDavis28

    GWDavis28 Active Member

    Battery Solo
    Clock Solo
    Kindle App
    Meego IM
    Screen Shot It
    Minutes Checker VM

    Glenn |B)

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