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  1. Investor22

    Investor22 Well-Known Member

    Google street view
    Google sky map

    I've been playing around with these two and they are pretty cool.

    Street view has an option to turn on compass mode and as you move the phone around it will turn the view to match the direction you are facing -makes it feel like you are really standing in that spot looking around. You use the stock map app but get in real close to where you can click on a business or address and then you get the menu that has the street view option. Then turn on compass mode.

    With sky map, you aim your phone up at the sky and it shows you the different constellations and stars. You can pick an object to look for, like say, mars, and the phone will point you to its location.

  2. mactire

    mactire New Member

    Can you please give me your opinion of Olive Office Editor?
  3. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    It's the best free Office compatible program I can find to this point...serviceable, if not great.
  4. jayleekay

    jayleekay Member

    Easy Filter is not really working for me. In fact, I can't tell if it's really doing anything. I would really like to just block the calls and have them not go into my voicemail.
  5. ScottColbert

    ScottColbert Well-Known Member

    Lots of apps I like, but these are my faves:

    1. chrome to phone-works in conjunction with any browser. One click sends the link to your phone.

    2. Plume my fave twitter app.

    3. Go SMS Pro

    4. Google goggles

    5. Skyfire browser.
  6. ap3604

    ap3604 Well-Known Member

    My android app's are the following:

    Advanced task killer
    Data counter widget
    Linda Manager
    Opera Mini ***
    Quick Settings ***
    Skype (3g enabled version)
    Smart Keyboard Pro ***
    To Do List
    Voice Recorder
    WIdgetsoid ***

    Most important ones have the *** beside them. I'd like to be able to use the NESoid and other emulators but I absolutely refuse to use them without a wiimote, which the Optimus V cannot do :(:(:(
  7. jetfactor

    jetfactor Well-Known Member

    sms popup.

    simple and extremely useful.
  8. izzylizzy

    izzylizzy Member

    go launcher
    minutes checker vm
    handcent sms
    yahoo IM
    battery booster
    app 2 sd free
    gas buddy
    opera mini
    scan life
    wheres my droid
    weather bug

    for my 3 y.o toddler lock. he loves games

    I got quick settings but not for the hotspot deal. I never use it. I'm too chicken!
  9. filmbuff

    filmbuff Active Member

    Here are mine. The ones that are starred are the best apps, which you should download right now if you haven't already!

    ** Adobe Reader
    ** App 2 SD free
    Barcode Scanner
    Battery Status free
    ** Evernote
    Got to Do
    ** Lookout free
    Yahoo Mail
    ** Quick Settings
    ** Silent Boot
    Speed Test
    TV Guide Mobile
    VLC S&C free <<<haven't really tried yet.
    The Periodic Table
    Good Morning
  10. Skully

    Skully Active Member

    Not going to list all mine right now, but I'll throw one out there I haven't seen (might have missed it).

    Add Free Android - kills the adds on most apps w/o having to upgrade them to premium.

  11. jntdroid

    jntdroid Well-Known Member

    [root only] Anim Mod by Jrummy - great for adding some slick animations to your window and transition animations... not all animations work on the Opt V, and it requires a reboot to run, but adds a "slick" factor to the phone.
  12. jj2me

    jj2me Well-Known Member

    Favorite? I don't know, but I like it, and am putting it here because it can be quite useful and most people aren't aware of it.


    Think of it as Dropbox, but instead of a 2GB cloud, the cloud is your PC. Or think of it as a free GoToMyPC.

    Access your PC for download and streaming. It has a couple of players, like for streaming music and vids (it has more of these specialized apps for the iPad), but I haven't used them. And it says it can upload pics you take on your phone (again, I haven't tried this). So far I've used Tonido for loading files from my PC to my Optimus, like ebooks or office documents.

    You need your PC running and not in sleep mode, of course. Good if you're ok with leaving your desktop running (with the Tonido PC program running). Or if you don't like your PC running all the time, they sell a Tonido Plug for $99, a NAS device into which you plug a hard drive with content you want on the go.

    Also access PC to PC. Create a username and password, say, of johndoe, and you can access via http://johndoe.tonidoid.com (note it's "id" at the end of "tonido").

    I heard about this in the FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) podcast.
  13. Anamacha

    Anamacha Well-Known Member

    okay here's some of my favorites.

    I've been using my Android about a week now, but I'm a pretty heavy 'power user' type.

    Astrid Tasks -- great task list that integrates with Google Tasks and Producteev
    Evernote & Springpad (haven't decided between these yet; they're both outboard brain/ remember everything apps)
    Voice actions -- allows you to speak actions your phone will then do
    dropbox -- we all know this one
    shazam -- identifies songs you hear on the radio
    SMS backup + -- backs up your SMS messages to your gmail account
    quick settings -- allws you to easily turn things on and off without doing lots of menu-digging
    Y5 battery saver -- turns wifi on if youre in an area you've connected in before, turns it off if you're not
    Dolphin Browser HD -- with gestures and extensibility, knocks stock browser out of the park

    I'm also using a few that have been mentioned before.
  14. fightingirish

    fightingirish Well-Known Member

    - Battery Doctor
    - App2SD
    - Jukefox music player
    - FBReader
    - Dropbox
    - Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner
    - Handcent SMS
    - Springpad
    - Dolphin Browser Mini
    - Opera Mobile Web Browser
    - Ringtone Maker
    - Angry Birds
    - Labman
    - iheartradio
    - QuickPic
    - Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner
    - The Weather Channel
    - Hungry Shark
    - Evernote
    - App 2 SD Free
    - Tazer Free
    - SMS Backup & Restore
    - TV Listings for Android
    - Out of Milk (grocery list app!!!)
    - Google Books
    - Video to Facebook
    - WiFi Manager
    - SMS Backup +
    - Android Assistant(12 features)
    - JuiceDefender
    - Barcode Scanner
    - Pandora Radio
    - SoundHound
    - Quick Settings
    - Facebook for Android
    - AppBrain App Market
  15. melim

    melim Disabled

    These are my can't live withouts:

    Awesome Drop
    Launcher Pro
    ShootMe (does work on non-rooted phone despite what it says in the market)
    Quick Settings
    Android Assistant (yeah, yeah task killer, but it's so much more and has an app cache cleaner)
    Dolphin Mini
    My bank's app
    White Noise Lite

    All FREE
  16. XurXes

    XurXes Active Member

    Where do you fine the 3g enabled one? Skype.
  17. mugwump

    mugwump Member

    Astro Player -- custom skins and adjustable playback speeds finally allowed me to retire my iPod Touch.

    iSyncr -- Keeps my podcasts synced without the quirks from Google's under-supported app (I'm looking at you Listen).

    Pulse -- Gets better with each update.

    DirecTV -- Can schedule recordings when on the go which happens more than I thought it would.

    QuickSettings & Y5 Battery saver -- Finally made my Optimus useable with a decent battery life and easy ways to switch things on and off.
  18. jared_ulr

    jared_ulr New Member

    New App just came out...you can watch ALL present and past HBO series shows on your phone if you are an HBO subscriber.

    Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide

    Anyone know if there is a Video-Out cable for this phone so I could hook up to my TF?
  19. surtr

    surtr Member

    I gotta add to the list:

    - RR File Locker (file privacy & security)
    - passwd safe (passwords)

    And second everyone else that mentioned dropbox and kindle.
  20. musiciansapp

    musiciansapp Well-Known Member

    AVG Anti Virus
    Color Flashlight
    Amazon Kindle
    Chicago Tribune
    Juice Defender
    LA Times
    Miami Local News
    MP3 Ringtone Maker
    NY Times
    Out Of Milk
    Stop Watch & Timer
    Tune Me
  21. fightingirish

    fightingirish Well-Known Member

    Adding a few, deleting a few...

    Superbox - Has many, many tools without additional standalone apps, including app2sd, quick settings, battery manager, task killer, cache cleaner, installer/uninstaller and more. Pretty small size too.

    Android Assistant - Similar, but not as many features as Superbox. You may not need it, but I like it.

    gReader - RSS feed reader

    AllRecipes Dinner Spinner - Ignore the cutesy spinner (which is kinda fun). Full access to AllRecipes website, and ability to save recipes. Comes in very handy in the kitchen! Out Of Milk is nice for grocery lists, and I realized that you can also SMS lists to others (though not sync).

    Wapedia - Nice, lean Wikipedia app that also (supposedly) searches other wikis. Better than Wikidroid.

    IMDB - Searches Internet Movie Database. Nice to have for trivia buffs, or if you're wondering who that actor/actress is. Also has local showtimes and TV listings.

    TV Listings - Need I say more?

    With the piddly internal storage included with the Optimus, I've been a bit miserly about apps. I typically look for ones that can be moved to SD, but often beggars can't be choosers. I did have Gas Buddy and SportsTap, but noticed that their mobile sites did the exact same thing, so I uninstalled them and put them on my Opera start page. Same with stand-along news apps, as I just bookmarked their mobile sites.

    For music, love Pandora. Also added Slacker, which is similar but not as good. Uninstalled IHeartRadio, even though TuneIn doesn't access Clear Channel stations. Realized I don't really much care for Clear Channel that much. Until they offer app2SD, they gotta go bye-bye.

    Have only one media player besides the stock one, Jukefox. Be careful, though. The newest update takes away app2SD support. Otherwise, not a bad (though not great) free music player.
  22. melim

    melim Disabled

  23. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    This is my current installed Apps

    AdFree 0.6.4 (com.bigtincan.android.adfree)
    Adobe Reader 10.0.2 (com.adobe.reader)
    Advanced GPS Map Free 3.6.9 (com.j.locationalarmfree)
    Android File Manager 2.2.1 (com.smartwho.SmartFileManager)
    Angry Birds 1.5.3 (com.rovio.angrybirds)
    AnTutu System Benchmark 1.6 (com.antutu.ABenchMark)
    App 2 SD Free 2.11 (com.a0soft.gphone.app2sd)
    Apps Organizer 1.5.16 (com.google.code.appsorganizer)
    Appstore release-1.11 (com.amazon.venezia)
    Aquarium Free 2.51 (fishnoodle.aquarium_free)
    Audiogalaxy 1.10.4 (com.audiogalaxy)
    Barcode Scanner 3.53 (com.google.zxing.client.android)
    Battery Doctor 2.6.3 (net.lepeng.batterydoctor)
    Battery Solo Widget 1.8 (net.maicas.android.batterys)
    Beautiful Widgets 3.52 (com.levelup.beautifulwidgets)
    Beautiful Widgets Animations Addon 1.03 (com.levelup.bw.forecast)
    Blue 2.0.1 (mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser.Theme.Blue)
    Bookmarks to SD 2.0.3 (mobi.mgeek.BookmarkPlugin)
    Business Calendar (mikado.bizcalpro)
    Camera Advance Lite (com.mnapps.cameraadvancelite)
    CamScanner 1.1.2 (com.intsig.camscanner)
    CarHome License Check 1.2 (spinninghead.carhome.license)
    CarHome Ultra 2.47 (spinninghead.carhome)
    CBS News 2.2 (com.treemolabs.apps.cbsnews)
    Chrome to Phone 2.2.0 (com.google.android.apps.chrometophone)
    ChromeMarksLite 2011.04.16 (com.h.chromemarks.lite)
    CNET News 1.2 (com.treemolabs.apps.cnet)
    com.ipthing.speedyuploaderlite.SplashScreen 1.3.0 (com.ipthing.speedyuploaderlite)
    com.verizon.android.wifios.WifiosMain 2.0.19 (com.verizon.android.wifios)
    ConnectBot 1.7.1 (org.connectbot)
    cVolume light 1.1.0 (jp.caldroid.cVolume.light)
    Dashboard Assist Pro 1.0.10 (uk.co.roboticode.dashboardassistpro)
    DiskUsage 2.1.3 (com.google.android.diskusage)
    Documents To Go 3.002 (com.dataviz.docstogo)
    Dolphin Browser HD 4.6.1 (mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser)
    Dolphin Browser Mini 2.1.1 (com.dolphin.browser)
    Dropbox 1.1.1 (com.dropbox.android)
    Facebook 1.5.4 (com.facebook.katana)
    FriendCaster 3.9 (uk.co.senab.blueNotifyFree)
    GasBuddy 1.14 (gbis.gbandroid)
    Gesture Search 1.3.0 (com.google.android.apps.gesturesearch)
    Glass Widgets 1.3.2 (dk.nicolai.buch.andersen.glasswidgets)
    Google Services 2.1.2 (mobi.mgeek.GoogleServicesPlugin)
    Google Sky Map 1.6.1 (com.google.android.stardroid)
    GPS Doctor 1.1.0 (com.epekware.gpsdoctor)
    GPS Hud 1.7 (com.blogspot.imapp.imgpshud)
    Gps Status 2.02 (com.andreabaccega.simplegps)
    GPS Status 3.7 (com.eclipsim.gpsstatus2)
    GPS Tracker 1.9.5 (com.instamapper.gpstracker)
    HeyTell (com.heytell)
    K-9 Mail 3.604 (com.fsck.k9)
    Link2SD 1.6.1 (com.buak.Link2SD)
    Linpack for Android 1.2.6 (com.greenecomputing.linpack)
    Mail 1.3.5 (com.yahoo.mobile.client.android.mail)
    MapDroyd 1.0.0 (com.osa.android.mapdroyd)
    Memory Booster Lite 2.9 (imoblife.memorybooster.lite)
    Minutes Checker for Virgin Mobile 1.5 (com.jaygoel.virginminuteschecker)
    Miren Browser 1.2 (cn.miren.browser)
    Missed Message Flasher Free 0.15 (com.tomatox.missedmessageflasher)
    Mr. Number 1.1.3 (com.mrnumber.blocker)
    MultiPicture Live Wallpaper 0.5.9 (org.tamanegi.wallpaper.multipicture)
    MultiTask Manager (it.mp.multitask)
    My Verizon Home Account 1.0.001 (com.verizon.myverizon.activity)
    NASCAR 1.2 (com.nascar.relativeapps)
    No Lock 1.05 (org.jraf.android.nolock)
    Open Signal Maps 0.98 (com.staircase3.opensignal)
    Opera Mobile 11.00.1104201100 (com.opera.browser)
    P3Droid NFL Wallpapers 1.1 (com.p3droid.nfl.Wallpapers)
    Pandora 1.5.7 (com.pandora.android)
    Phone Tester 1.67 (com.mtorres.phonetester)
    Pool Break Pro 1.7.8 (com.kb.Carrom3DFull)
    Poynt 1.3.3 (com.poynt.android)
    PrinterShare 5.5.1 (com.dynamixsoftware.printershare)
    Quick Boot 4.1 (com.siriusapplications.quickboot)
    Quick Cache Cleaner 1.1 (com.appswhere.cachecleaner)
    Quick Settings 1.9.8 p2 (com.bwx.bequick)
    QuickPic 1.1.3 (com.alensw.PicFolder)
    Radar Now 2.4 (com.usnaviguide.radar_now)
    RealCalc 1.6.0 (uk.co.nickfines.RealCalc)
    Remote Desktop 0.6.3 (pl.androiddev.mobiletab)
    Remote for iTunes 2.0.16 (hyperfine.hftunes.release)
    Root Explorer 2.15 (com.speedsoftware.rootexplorer)
    Rotation Toggler 1.2 (com.malcolm.rotationtoggler)
    Scanner Radio (com.scannerradio)
    ScoreCenter 1.1.2 (com.espn.score_center)
    ScoreMobile 1.4.1 (com.fivemobile.thescore)
    SD Maid (eu.thedarken.sdm)
    SetCPU 2.1.3 (com.mhuang.overclocking)
    ShootMe 0.8.0 (com.bw.picme.local)
    Shopper 1.4.1 (com.google.android.apps.shopper)
    ShopRite 1.1 (com.mywebgrocer.ShopRiteCircular)
    ShopSavvy 4.0.10 (com.biggu.shopsavvy)
    Skyfire 4.0.2 (com.skyfire.browser)
    SMS Popup 1.1.0 (net.everythingandroid.smspopup)
    Spare Parts Ad Supported (com.androidapps.spare_parts)
    Speed Test 2.0.3 (org.zwanoo.android.speedtest)
    Super Compass 1.5 b20101222 (com.lanteanstudio.compass)
    Super Manager 2.1.2 (gpc.myweb.hinet.net.TaskManager)
    SVOX Classic TTS 2.0.19 (com.svox.classic)
    SystemPanel Lite 1.0.10 (nextapp.systempanel)
    TD Bank (US) 1.0.3 (com.tdbank)
    Temp+CPU V2 3.6 (com.sanels.tempcpuv2)
    The Periodic Table 1.5.1 (com.socratica.mobile.chemistry)
    The Weather Channel 3.1.0 (com.weather.Weather)
    Thunderstorm Free 1.5 (fishnoodle.storm_free)
    Titanium Backup PRO 1.1.0 (com.keramidas.TitaniumBackupPro)
    Tonido 26.0 (com.tonido.android)
    TuneIn Radio Pro 2.5 (radiotime.player)
    TV Guide Mobile 1.2.3 (com.roundbox.android.tvguide.presentation.activity)
    Twitter 2.0.2 (com.twitter.android)
    Unified Remote 2.0.2 (com.Relmtech.Remote)
    Watchdog Lite 3.6.4 (com.zomut.watchdoglite)
    Wifi Analyzer 2.5.6 (com.farproc.wifi.analyzer)
    WiFi Manager 2.0.1 (org.kman.WifiManager)
    xScope Browser 6.43.1 (sui.m)
    Yellowbook 3.5 (com.yellowbook.android2)
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  24. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    I have (through help from the many people at these forums) managed to root my Optimus V. One of the best apps is App Swapp-aside from 3 apps that just refused to work properly on the SD card,ie. widget apps,Root tools uninstaller,Root tools(I didn't even attempt to swap Launcher Pro,or Volume Control,or Minutes checker), I have been able to move 53,thats right,53 apps to the SD card.This is quite an acomplisment considering,A. I'm fairly new to computers,and B. I've only had this V for a month and a half. If you want to watch video's(Jetflicks or any video on a web page)with the V, the only way right now is to use Skyfire as your browser. I like Car Home in the car,but Voice Pod with the provided handsfree earplug type set when not in the car. Funny Warp, because I need a little humer every now and then. Android Assistant, it does some things I like plus gives me useful system info. Root Explorer,it does just what the name implies. Wiki encyclopedia. Mobile News Plus, Dictionary(by:Troid) You speak the word and it not only gives you the meaning but the proper spelling, My-Cast Weather, WiFi Radar. I have a few more , Just standard apps, and some for rooted Phones. I would I made this post look somewhat like the others with each thing on it's own line but alas, I really haven't figured out how to do that yet. P.S. all spelling corrections where done using the Dictionary App. as I don't seem to able to find a spell checker on the Firefox browser(one of its only drawbacks that I can find)
  25. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    I forgot to list Extended Controls(widget App), it has a WiFi hot spot enable abillity(I tried it on the laptop by disabling the house's WiFi in the network section,then chose the one my phone was now emiting,and it worked!!!

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