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  1. yhelai

    yhelai New Member

    My favorites are:

    locale: Great app! It made my Hero much more smart. It switches to flight mode itself every night at 11pm, and switch back on wifi in the morning. It turn off wifi and become silent everyday when I reach my office or cinema, and it turn sound back on when I am back home. Such a nice app!

    Handcent Sms: Best text app in the market.

    iReader: .txt version e-book reader. Very easy to set up and use. I choose this over aldiko simply because I have access to a lot of txt version ebooks rather than .epub books. However I did have some issue with the "go to .." function with large txt files over 3M.

    Dolphine Browser: Lovethe gesture feature.

    My days: The app all girls must have!

    Astro player Beta: My fav player app. Although It still has a LOT (really a lot) to improve, there are some features that other player don't have.

    iMusic: search and download music for free.

    k-9 mail: support IMAP push mail, and is free!

    Where is my droid: Very useful app for someone like me. Send a special text message containing "attention words" to your phone, and your phone will ring really aloud even it was at a very low volume or in silent mode to let you know where you left it.

    wordup: I am addicted to it now.

  2. monkeymynd

    monkeymynd Member

    Swype Keyboard - You all know what this is already

    Advanced Task Manager - Task manager w/ widget to one button kill apps

    Apps Organizer - Allows you to label apps and select icons for groups, etc. Also allows you to put folders on the screen for each label

    Reddit Is Fun - Reddit app

    AppAlarm Pro - Allows me to wake up to Pandora, etc. Can set multiple alarms. Best I've found yet.

    Lightning Bug - White noise generator. Has a timer to fall asleep to.

    Mobisle Notes - Quick, easy notepad.

    Thinking Space - Mind mapper.

    Jewellust - Addictive game.

    WordUp - Addictive word game.

    And best app ever...MagicalDrop Touch :D

  3. ackeryi

    ackeryi Member

    That app where I type numbers onto a screen press Call and I can hear someone talk to me when I hold it up to my ear.

    Now that's got to be the most useful app ever!!
  4. daviddakota

    daviddakota Well-Known Member

    Wainting rather impatiantly for either X10 or Nexus One... in the meantime, does anyone know if theres an app for controlling the apple tv?
  5. droidfanboy

    droidfanboy Active Member

    My favorite application so far is Hold'em is a 2.99 poker game that can hold my attention for hours which is very hard to do
  6. Dnj

    Dnj Well-Known Member

    Anycut is making my Droid life so easy, luv it !

    Ringdroid is another favorite letting me use parts of any of my MP3's as a Ringtone!!!

    Rehearsal Assistant lets me record all my ideas and ToDo's instantly.

    Where find almost anything restaurants, movies, etc, in your area easily
  7. keebs29

    keebs29 Active Member

    @the napolitan: JUST DO IT...(POST THE LINK....I WANT IT BAD) :)
  8. teesquared

    teesquared New Member

    iSyncr - syncs flawlessly with iTunes

    Ringdroid - love it

    Home++ - from the bottom widget bar to the endless looping of home screens you couldn't ask for a better home replacement app

    Dolphin Browser - multi-touch enough said

    Smart keyboard
    - types sooo much better than the stock KB
  9. mills23

    mills23 Well-Known Member

    Where can i find a list of the apps and what they do?
  10. mills23

    mills23 Well-Known Member

    Id like to know where to find this app also. I loked in market.
  11. skogsnallen

    skogsnallen New Member

    I say Task Killer without it I think my phone would be dead...
  12. aleksander

    aleksander Well-Known Member

    Google is your friend dear grasshopper :)
  13. south69_dallas

    south69_dallas Well-Known Member

    handcent is the best app as far as something you use on a daily basis!!!
  14. JGaffney

    JGaffney New Member

  15. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    I wish there was a way that you could preview apps b4 you download
  16. jasnmb

    jasnmb Well-Known Member

    what do you mean? most have screen-shots, and there is a 24 hour return policy on paid apps.

    I do wish screen-shots were required, though.
  17. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    I think they must mean to see how it works without ever installing it.... like maybe a youtube demonstration of it...... too much work and everybody has so many different types of phones with different apps....

    No harm done to install it and the toss it if its not fast enough or lags or buggy in some way or maybe just doesn't have the features you thought it would have and that you will never know unless you just install it.
  18. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    The only problem is that some apps leave junk files on your sd card after you uninstall them like the TV app.

    and screenshots are fine but I was thinking more of a way to preview it in Market before you install.
  19. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    You can clear any cache on the app that may be left and then uninstall it and go behind and use "astro" or similar file explorer to delete the directory it may have left. Few apps leave much behind and when they do, it doesn't affect performance.

    Its pretty touch to preview it as these apps run on different phones, with different collections of other apps and configurations.

    Even screenshots would be misleading.

    But I understand if your wanting more of an ideal of what the expected look and feel is like but few dev's want to keep that updated as there are frequent updates on most apps that change and improve the performance and interface.

    We are lucky to get an update file that says whats being changed, let alone a video file.

    MNPOMAN Member

    Zedge!!! Ringtones and wallpaper galore!!!!!:D
  21. budney

    budney Active Member

    Even with its glitches Slacker Radio is my fav so far. :)
  22. flammenwurfer

    flammenwurfer Well-Known Member

    Some new additions to my favorite apps list

    Torrentfu - remotely add and start downloading torrents
    DailyStrip - comic strips delivered to your phone daily
    3banana - excellent note app with barcode scanning
  23. mandymae1981

    mandymae1981 Member

    music junk is cool.. u can get full song download them... then go to ur music file and customize the part of the song that you want for your ringtone!!!
  24. Jukov

    Jukov Member

    3banana - notes with photos and barcode scanner
    Nimbuzz - for Skype (and other IM)
    Places Directory - to find restaurants, attractions, bars, gas stations etc.
    Quick Calendar - I didn't want to use calendar widgets (they all are pretty ugly, which makes me a bit nostalgic of the WinMo days and the SBSH apps) but being able to access the appointments via the status bar is priceless.
    Astrid - ToDo lists. A must have if you ever want stuff to be done, I love the way it naggs me even more then my assistant
    B-Folders - for securing your codes and business info
    Waze - Poors man Google Navigation, not by Google. I'm always on the road and being able to be updated and reminded on traffic , police etc. is a huge advantage. Plus it's fun to chat with other Wazers (While in traffic jam of course :) ).
    And Ofcourse:
    AnySoftKeyboard - the best option for multilingual keyboard

    Wifi OnOff
    Gmail Unread Count
    SMS Unread Count
    Battery Indicator - Why on earth this wasn't the default behavior of the battery status icon, only god knows.

    Bonsai Blast
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  25. miqal

    miqal Active Member

    A few of my favorite apps:

    Evernote - Note taking app with sync to the cloud.
    Mixzing - Music Player w/ widget
    Google Voice and Goggles.
    Twicca - Twitter Client

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