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  1. seniordev1

    seniordev1 Member

    Pandora - streaming music
    Yot - jots down notes using voice recognition
    Flight Director - fun game!
    MotoTorch - flashlight using the camera flash
    RadarNow - weather radar
    Danish Flashcards - learning Danish
    Strip Poker - 'nuf said

  2. alinver

    alinver Well-Known Member

    Twitdroid - Nice clean interface and has never let me down.

    Astro - Great idea well executed.

    CoPilot Live - Good value for money sat nav.

    White Noise Lite - Simply a must have for tinnitus suffers.

    Astrid - Brilliant task manager and cute little widget.

    My Tracks - Pretty accurate and has kept me fit!

    BBC News - Just fantastic, love the widget and separate news/sport feeds
  3. pwabbit

    pwabbit Well-Known Member

    My favorites are:
    SweeterHome 2 - Awesome Home replacement. Highly customizable.
    Shapewriter - Keyboard replacement that has sped up my texting.
    Acrobible - excellent bible for those that have faith.
    Advanced Task Manager - seems to be an all around great task manager.
    Barcode Scanner - mainly use it to quickly find links to android programs on the internet
    gTasks - works great for syncing Google Tasks.
    Google Voice (except its force closing at start)
    Handcent - A great messaging program. Very pleasant to the eye.
    ICE: In Case of Emergency - great for 1st responders that are helping an unconscious YOU.
    K-9 Mail - very decent email program.
    Lookout - will be even better when they add remote wipe.
    PDAnet - This is a great USB tethering app. Wish it provided wireless tether to OS1.5
    Phonebook - the best available, but still not awesome.
    Rmaps - Great offline topo map program. Not perfect but works well.
    Seesmic - My favorite twitter client.
    Gumbo Custom Kernel
    Total Control Software - very awesome program for monitoring security cameras.
    Wireless Tethering
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  4. geno55

    geno55 Member

    US Traffic-I check traffic before I hit the road.
    Live Scores-Quickly checks sports scores.
    Express News-All sorts of news to read at a glance.
    PDAnet-Free laptop tethering.
  5. aleksander

    aleksander Well-Known Member

    im surprised no one has mentioned:

    "3" by RockOn

    its a nice app!!!
  6. BobbyBox

    BobbyBox Member

    does anybody know of a camera app that has a landscape feature where it takes multiple pictures and sticks them together to make a landscape?

    The iphone has a great app for this. Also my old samsung phone has a basic version of this, where you take 3 pictures in a row and it merges them together to make a long landscape picture.

    hopefully there is one?
  7. dr8track

    dr8track New Member

    I just got an HTC Hero. I previously had the HTC Touch Diamond. For the life of me I don't know why HTC can not incorporate a sensor to make the screen go black when you bring the phone to your ear when making a call. I tested the Palm Pixi briefly before deciding on the HTC Hero and I was amazed it had that function since I'd struggled with the problem with the Touch Diamond.
    I downloaded the Call Caddy program because I'm having the same issues when making calls on the HTC Hero. My ear is constantly pressing the heat senstive call buttons. Incredibly annoying. I hoped the Call Caddy would solve the problem, but it did not. First problem I had with it is that it does not know what to do if you are calling a phone number via a calling card, which I do frequently. Calling the calling card number triggers the proximity sensor and causes the screen to go black before you can enter the number your calling. You have to kind of shake the phone around to get the screen to display again. Then when you make that second call the screen no longer goes to black when you place it to your ear.
    But the bigger problem with Call Caddy is that it does not just work for the phone function. It is activated in other programs too. For instance, I was attempting to use Shop Savvy, but as soon as I move the phone around the screen goes black. It activates in too many other programs to make it useful for the phone. I had to delete the program after one day.
    If HTC can not get that this is a problem with their phone, then I love the idea of a program that will perform that function, but Call Caddy just isn't there yet.
    Does anyone know how I could get in touch with the company that created CAll Caddy? I'd like to give them some feedback so they can hopefully work some of these bugs out.
  8. flu13

    flu13 Well-Known Member

    Believe there's an app called Photostitch that does just that. There may be more.
  9. nhjustice

    nhjustice New Member

    Favorite app by far is phonemypc - this allows me to completely access all functions of my desktop from my phone no matter where I am - amazing!!
  10. BobbyBox

    BobbyBox Member

    great, thank you very much :)
  11. parakayjay

    parakayjay Member

    Gas Detective is my favorite.
  12. jeff0r3

    jeff0r3 Well-Known Member

    phonemypc by far is best IMHO
  13. androidforums

    androidforums New Member

    It is cool I can listen SMS, Email and RSS news on my way to work. Also weather...twitter...
  14. FoFa

    FoFa Member

  15. carmendiva

    carmendiva Well-Known Member

    Robodefense is the best game out there...so simple yet addicting

    Picsay pro-i love editing my photos

    Ringo pro-allows me to assign ringtones to every specific contact including individual sms & call notifications for each contact

    Astro-is great for managing files

    Task Cleaner pro-beats Any task killer, any day...love it

    Chomp sms-ummm i just like it due to the blacklist feature...

    Find big mac-helps me find mcdonalds :)

    i music-good for downloading music(although it's limited)

    Any more apps you can recommend?

    I love anything free lolz

    Dont we all
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  16. vang

    vang New Member

  17. thenrik

    thenrik Well-Known Member


    Wallswitch, free, allows you to point the program at multiple image folders on your sd card and set it to switch wallpaper at any interval you wish. I have it set to crop so it puts the image on all screen views. It cuts off a few images but is dead-on most of the time.

    I have several thousand Chinese posters so it's a lot of fun seeing the wallpaper switch to a random image every couple of hours--keeps things fresh.

  18. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Well-Known Member

    Seconded. I have 40-some astronomical wallpapers that switch every 3 hours. It's a set-it-and-forget-it app, so I'd kind of forgotten about it. :)

    FLUDKILLA Member

    I think shazam is the best music finder and my other favorite is facebook. Doesnt always work great but itll do.
  20. Nuwanda

    Nuwanda Member

    I'm surprised no one answered this...

    There's "SMS Scheduler" and "SMS Wishes" that do just that. I tried both and kept "SMS Wishes" (though now I don't remember why :p). You can schedule one-time messages, or repeat certain days of the week. VERY useful app :)
  21. thatruth132

    thatruth132 New Member

    my favorite app...aptoide
  22. butterbeanmash

    butterbeanmash New Member

    Have you tried an app called 'proximity sensor'? It makes a very good, er, proximity sensor. If you can't find it in the market you can find it at XDA-developers.
  23. jeffreynew23

    jeffreynew23 Member

    HTC IME, Home Run Battle 3D, What the Doodle, Sportstap, and Google Earth
  24. '76 F-350

    '76 F-350 Member

    My Favorite applications are:
    Shazam-Let's ya identify songs by listening to them
    ChompSMS- Better Texting App than Hancent, more customizable.
    pdaNet- Without this app, I wouldn't be typing this on my computer, allows your computer to go online through your phone.
    Where- Find stuff.
    Meebo IM-Sign into everyone of your IM accounts at once...
    There are more, I'll think of next time.
  25. JimmyT85

    JimmyT85 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if this app would work with pandahome?

    So say I have a theme installed via pandahome, and have that wallpaper app, would they work together?

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