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  1. Fatboygixxer

    Fatboygixxer New Member

    NESOID!!!!! HANDS DOWN!!! All my favorite NES games in my pocket!!

  2. Obsidian86

    Obsidian86 New Member

    Documents to go.
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  3. JackMagic

    JackMagic New Member

    I purchased a HTC Magic today, and am on Android 1.5 - loving the functionality all the apps bring to the phone.

    Favourite apps so far: SMS Popup, Locale, Rings Extended and the Retro Clock Widget :p
  4. andre

    andre Member

    My favorite app: WeatherBug - it's so useful :)

    (and of course Puzzle Blox game, but that's my own project :D)
  5. waldroid

    waldroid New Member

    YouTube Downloader
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  6. plainbrad

    plainbrad Well-Known Member

    InputTouch [aka HTC_IME] - it's "compact qwerty" changes how i look at my phone.
  7. GeoUSA

    GeoUSA Well-Known Member

    Google Sky Map. Great way to show off Android. I wonder if future Android netbooks will have accelerometers?
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  8. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    Tough question...favorite - is that an app I use everyday? a market app?

    Since I am not good at deciding - I broke it down like this:

    Default App - Browser
    Communication - ChompSMS
    1.5 apps - Camcorder
    Widget - Forecast Widget 1x4
    Background - Timeriffic
    Games - Cestos
    Music - Imeem
    News - USA Today
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  9. George82

    George82 New Member

    my fav app at the moment is Patrik's Easy Cooking.
    Never thought that this oculd get me into the kitchen cooking great stuff:D
  10. rogue0503

    rogue0503 New Member

    For me, I cannot pin down a single app. There are too many out there that perform a host of different things. Instead, I'll tell you what I downloaded and why. I have others, but they may be leaving my phone soon, as I have not found them very useful.
    • CalorieCounter by FatSecret: Barcode scan the food you just bought, and it will give you all the nutritional facts about it. You can also add it to Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snack group and it will tell you how you're eating. Man, I gotta slow down on the Whoppers!
    • Backgrounds: I never like the same image, so this is a great app. You can scan through a list of wallpapers created/formatted for the G1 and mix things up.
    • Compass: Okay, so I never really NEED this, but it is so cool to use. Pretty self-explanatory app.
    • Where: Great for road trips. Uses your location to determine where to find things in the area.
    • Ultimate Stopwatch: There are several stopwatches out there. This is the one that was graphically appealing and did the job.
    • Ringdroid: If you like music for your ringtones, this is definitely a must have app. You can take snippits of your favorite parts of the song and make it into a ringtone. Also has the capability of assigning the ringtone to the contact while in the software.
    • imeem Mobile: Streaming music client. I have a couple that I use. This is a recent download, and so far I like it.
    • Linda File Manager 1.2.10: Great for managing files directly on your microSD card.
    • Power Manager Full: There is also a trial version of this, but I bit the bullet and spent $0.99 on the full version. This is what I would refer to as a killer app. Great functionality in managing items that you need on/off depending on your conditions. For example, I have the screen remain on when I use my phone as a GPS unit in my car, and I have the USB plugged into my 12V adapter.
    • My Tracks: If you are into running, biking, or hiking... this is the application for you. You can record tracks, download tracks from Google Maps, store waypoints... many features. Pretty awesome features.
    • My Maps editor: If you are using My Tracks, you need this.
    • Exchange By Touchdown: Unfortunate that Exchange is not natively supported on the G1, but Touchdown offers a great solution. Probably the best exchange tool I've ever used (I come from a WM6 background). It is the most expensive piece of software I purchased for my G1, and worth every penny.
    • TuneWiki: This is a just a fun piece of software. Plays songs on your phone, or streams from Last.fm or ShoutCast. Additionally, downloads lyrics and presents them Karaoke style on your phone. Even more: You can click a video button to search YouTube for the video of the song. Really great!
    • Battery Widget: Places a battery icon on your desktop
    • Brightness Profiles: Quickly change your brightness settings using the desktop icon. I admit that I use this less and less now that I have Power Manager.
  11. DanGrover

    DanGrover Well-Known Member

    Quick question - doesn't Locale absolutely hammer your battery if you need GPS on all the time for it to work? Or am I missing something?
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  12. Henrikmand

    Henrikmand New Member

    Your Puzzle Blox look absolutely amazing!

    I'm anxiously awaiting my Hero :eek:)
  13. Lobo

    Lobo Well-Known Member

    have to be aContact along with smpopup
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  14. Alltheway3

    Alltheway3 New Member

  15. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    My partner and I developed a free app that doesn't use GPS with the specific intent to not hurt the battery.

    Check out Timeriffic. It controls various things on the G1 using timers.

    Let us know what you think. If you like it, be sure to rate it.

    FREE Timeriffic
    Cyrket - Timeriffic
  16. Androicts

    Androicts Member

    Google Sky Map !
    One of the best apps I have ever downloaded :)
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  17. andre

    andre Member

    By the way:
    Voting for the Android Network Awards 2009 has started!
    Check out AndroidAwards.com and vote for your favorite Android applications and games!

    That's a great opportunity honoring all the apps you are mentioning in this thread. So vote it! :D

    And thanks for the compliments regarding Puzzle Blox, Henrikmand :) Good to hear that you like it. To celebrate the nomination in the TOP 5 Puzzle & Brain games I created a special offer: This week you can get Puzzle Blox for just 0.99 € ! The Lite version with about a dozen levels is still available for FREE of course.
  18. GeoUSA

    GeoUSA Well-Known Member

    The Calendar widget added in version 1.5 is my most important app. Located on my main screen, it always shows my next calendar entry and one press takes me to the current date and time on my calendar.
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  19. android_kid

    android_kid New Member

    I LOVE SpoofApp. My favorite app for my Android phone fo sho. The voice changer + the call recorder is the best thing ever. I prank my friends (and enemies) all the time with the app and there's no way they can tell its me. Then you have the recording of the call too! I started sharing the really funny ass ones on my Facebook. haha.
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  20. shaolinx

    shaolinx Member

    CopilotLive! This makes my G1 into a navi, thus increasing the value by $100 :D I dont know how I can navigate the streets without this app!
  21. topcheffer

    topcheffer Active Member

    Three way tie between Gmote, Google Listen, and My Tracks.
    Very much looking forward to the upcoming ADC2 to add to that list.
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  22. UnderWhat?

    UnderWhat? Well-Known Member

    Edit and delete one of the posts
  23. hutie1983

    hutie1983 Member

    i am a fan of AnyCut. i love it very much.thanks.[​IMG]
  24. baksanir

    baksanir New Member

    SMS Popup is the best, so tiny and makes smsing very easy
  25. jackslim

    jackslim New Member

    Abduction World Attack - very addictive game

    Phone Fusion Visual Voicemail - Very handy for viewing voicemails, I've started using Google Voice, but am reluctant to basically switch over my phone number at this point so Phone Fusion is great for calls comming into my T-Mobile #

    ChompSMS - This is just a much better program for SMS IMO




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