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  1. toefer

    toefer Well-Known Member

    So if these batteries have no memory, is it true then that the "conditioning" tips don't really apply (the ones in the thread to improve battery life... drain down to 0%, then fully charge)?

    Also, would it make a difference when you charge the battery? If I notice it's lost some of it's charge, and is at around 75%, is it fine to charge it back up to 100% before heading out somewhere, or should I only charge it when it gets really low?

    Right now I only charge it when it's pretty dead (3% or less), but it'd be more convenient to know I could charge it whenever I felt like, without affecting the length of a full charge.

  2. geekygrl

    geekygrl Member

    Had I responded a week ago I would have said my favourite app was a choice between Twitdroid and Google Talk...but now, most definately my favourite application is Fring!

    FINALLY get to use Skype over 3G and Wifi without any hassles, so now I can use my phone the same as I always did with other phones, and I can calle my b/f in the USA :D
  3. K-Rizzle

    K-Rizzle Well-Known Member

    I already uninstalled the ecosave app. ;)
  4. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    I don't want to highjack the thread, but you can keep Lithium "LiIon" on the charger or keep topping them off without fear of developing a memory effect.

    Conditioning is absolutely needed and necessary when dealing with the old technology of NiCad and needed only occasionally for NiMh but not near as dramatic a need and has far less memory issues than the older NiCad type.
    I "hate" NiCad due to the alternatives.. thats why you rarely see them in the stores but occasionally you will see them in the cheaper hand tools as they think they can pawn them off on unsuspecting customers and make a few bucks with the cheap batteries.

    Lithium on the other hand breaks the mold and has virtually no memory issues.. at least not enough to consider dealing with as you will occasionally drain your batter pretty low anyway.. but don't think you have to do it on purpose or "condition" the battery.
    If you want to buy hand tools and have them still work 5 years later... .get em with LiIon or better!

    NOTE*.. one negative... LiIon batteries dont appreciate getting wet!... it will toast them.

    The even newer LiPo batteries are lighter and more powerful for their size and can charge faster than regular LiIon but have a slight downside in that the cells need to be equalized better... All that really means is they "like" to be on the charger and left there when not in use.

    You will start seeing more and more of these. They too have no memory effects and can be drained down and left down for extended periods, but when they do get charged, they like a "good" charge.
  5. Lior

    Lior Member

    Maybe this is not politically correct, but I wanted to suggest my own application. I'm sure you'll find it unique and useful on your phone. Works perfectly all the way from G1 to Moto-Droid:

    UltimateFaves lets you organize your most frequently used items (such as contacts, phone numbers, bookmarks, applications, etc) in beautiful 3D carousels for quick and comfortable access along with a unique and highly customizable user-interface.

    * Create home-screen shortcuts to specific carousels
    * Clear the clutter on your desktop!
    * Beautiful 3D OpenGL animations


    Official blog: UltimateFaves for Android

    Demo video: YouTube - UltimateFavesPRO
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  6. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    IMO.. that is unique and actually looks cooler than the Application Dock.

    Especially if you could put two on one page.. but having one means you could also put a calendar or large clock on the same page too.

    The thing I don't like about the application dock is that everything is invisible until you scroll it over to become in view, but this app allows you to at least see the shape of the icon and get a clue.

    Is there a limit to how many app shortcuts you can add and if not, the more you add, do the ones in the distance get smaller and smaller as the circle of app shortcuts grow bigger and bigger.. or rather Longer and longer?

  7. K-Rizzle

    K-Rizzle Well-Known Member

    Barcode Scanner did that for me too, I like shop savvy better, it actually directed me to local stores AND online.
  8. Lior

    Lior Member

    windstrings: First of all, this is not a widget, it's an application, the reason for this is that widgets are very limited in what they can do (For instance, in terms of animations), and this application has very nice animation.

    You have 2 carousels in the free version. There's a paid version called UltimateFavesPRO which has unlimited carousels (Only 1.49$ using PayPal directly on the blog).

    In each carousel you can put any combination of the following:
    Contact cards
    Direct call numbers
    Direct SMS numbers
    Direct E-mail addresses.

    Some key features:
    * Customize background color / type / transparency
    * Customize icon size
    * Customize carousel speed
    * Enable / disable haptic feedback (vibration) when carousel is rotating or a carousel item is selected.
    * You can tap an item to launch, or long-press for a context menu with additional options
    * Show/hide labels, Show/hide carousel name, show/hide info bar.
    * You can use global carousel settings, or settings unique per carousel.

    Currently you can put up to 16 items per carousel, but future version will support unlimited number for different uses (for example scrolling through your mp3 list in this unique way), in this case the icon farthest away from the viewer will be like a pivot point, where one icon disappears, and a new one comes in instead.

    For ease of use, it supports gestures for quick-switching between carousels, and of course tapping on the carousel names will bring the list of all created carousels.

    There's no limitation to the number of home-screen direct-carousel shortcuts you can create, of course it becomes much more useful
  9. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    I uninstalled Barscanner until I realized its the only thing that will read a QR code and send you to the information hidden therein through your browser.. so I reinstalled it.
  10. kokiangel

    kokiangel Well-Known Member

    I checked out UltimateFaves and it looks promising. However, it seems to darken my personal background entirely. Is there a way to make the background transparent? Seems to be a very nice app otherwise. Well worth the price.:)
  11. K-Rizzle

    K-Rizzle Well-Known Member

    I have something called ixMAT Scanner that reads those bar codes, it's such an awesome feature to be able to scan it and be taken right to the download page in the market. It was the only one I could find that reads them off of my computer screen.

    ixMAT Barcode Scanner v2.0 Application for Android | Shopping

    I'd rather have 2 apps that do what they are supposed to vs. one with a bunch of features that don't work, I was very unimpressed with BarCode Scanner. Shop Savvy is awesome though! :D
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  12. WaLkeR

    WaLkeR Well-Known Member

    After using Handcent SMS as compared to the default sms on my Eris, I decided to stick with the default messaging and download SMS Popup, which adds the feature of your texts popping up in a bubble over whatever your doing which Handcent does by default.

    My reasoning is really because Handcent seems to be a lot slower than the default SMS app, although the look is a little better, your not losing too much aesthetic value while maintaining the smooth sense ui feel.

    My favorites so far:

    *Must Haves*
    -Lookout (Previously Flexilis)
    -Advanced Task Killer (MUST HAVE)
    -Quick Uninstall (Doesn't show cookies, just apps)
    -Astro (File Manager)

    *Extremely Useful None-the-less*
    -Aldiko (free books :D)
    -i Music (free mp3s)
    -Ringdroid (create your own ringtones from your mp3s)
    -SMS Popup
    -Dolphin Browser (tabbed browsing)
  13. K-Rizzle

    K-Rizzle Well-Known Member

    ^ I was getting annoyed too, with it being a bit slow. Then I turned off the 'blur background' option, and it's much faster.
  14. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    Have you tried Androzip and if so I assume you felt astro was more useful for a good file manager?

    Nevermind.. Astro is way more powerful... thanks
  15. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    As a G1 user I was really jealous of Droid's Nav feature, and I am loving the Google Navigation for 1.6 users. It's really my favorite app right now.
  16. chelle

    chelle Member

    So I downloaded Meetro DC from the Market for my Droid... and it rocks if you are in the District a lot.

    It tracks ALL the DC Metro trains. Accurately so far as I can tell too! So today I could tell before I got off my MARC train exactly how fast I had to haul it to the subway without just missing the train :D

    Love it!
  17. bagsofcole

    bagsofcole Member

    Beautiful Widgets, on the Droid is the best $1.47 i have spent so far. It is the flip clock with weather and looks awesome! Appears to be 100% stable too.
  18. jdroid61

    jdroid61 Member

    Thanks for the tip on Locale; after seeing your post, I checked it out, sounded good so I installed and have been running for the past couple of days. I think it is really helping battery life as well; I shut down Bluetooth during in-office hours and then shut down wi-fi and turn on Bluetooth for the drive time before/after work. Seems to be all it's advertised to be! Thanks for the post.
  19. Melon Bread

    Melon Bread Active Member

  20. Android Anarchy

    Android Anarchy New Member

    Hey everyone, sorry if you felt like i spammed the forum or only posted to promote the site. I honestly do check back often, even before I created my account in order to gather a list of apps for the site. I find the information on here very useful and hopefully you'll find the list of apps i've compiled useful as well. The way It works is i choose the best app in a specific category to "promote/suggest" so that someone who is new to Android wants a compiled list of useful apps they dont have to sift through multiple nav apps for example. It was never meant to be a user rated site, at least not at the moment but i am totally welcome to any suggestions or comments you might have to improve it.

  21. roxtar

    roxtar New Member

    Has anyone noticed that PDA Net is available for Android? It allows you to use your data plan to access the internet on your Desktop or laptop via usb or bluetooth.
  22. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    Its a good idea..... there are threads like this one that accomplishes the same thing but can be narrow minded to suit a certain flavor of apps.

    There is also "most popular" in the marketplace... but somehow it seems lots of useless very low rated apps get there too.... can't figure out how low rated apps make it to "most popular"... unless they are paying to get there or the ideal is good but the app is bad so there are lots of downloads but lots of people unhappy with what they get.

    Its always better to put a house on the market "ready to sell" rather than fix it up as you go because by the time you get it fixed up really nice to sell, everyone has already either seen it or heard about it and it has a "bad" reputation.
    Even so apps shouldn't be released half baked.

    On the other hand.. its hard for programmers to recreate and have all the devices we have and the combination of apps we all have installed.

    But some apps have no excuse.. they are just trash and should have never been released.....

    These are the apps I would hope you would keep off your site.

    Basically make sure the ratings are 80% or higher.. otherwise your site will get a bad reputation too as being an unreliable source for finding good apps.
    You will also have to resist the tempation to accept advertising from trashy apps that are half baked.

    Your reputation will be your bread and butter... not the ads themselves.

    If customers and programmers learn they have to "earn" their way to get on your site, it will mean something to be there and it will mean something for us to go out of our way to check it out.

    Otherwise, it will just be another site among thousands trying to make a buck and will not be notable.

    Thats my humble opinion.
  23. MtnbikerChk

    MtnbikerChk Well-Known Member

    so far PLACES has been the most useful app I've downloaded.

    I also loaded Sportstap so next summer when my husband says "what's the Red Sox score" every 20 minutes I'll be able to tell him quickly :D

    The app I'm most looking forward to using is shopsavvy! YEAH BABY!
  24. myko14

    myko14 Well-Known Member

    Home - PandaHome (best free app)
    Browser - Dolphin Browser (pinch zoom)
    AnyCut - direct dial or txt favorite contacts
    Dock Runner - Don't have to buy the $30 dock
    Guitarists Reference
    Live Football Scores
    PicSay and Qik - Great for editing and posting pics and vids
    Shazam - Find any song when your phone listens with you
    Skyscape - medical reference of choice until Epocrates goes android
    Ultimate Faves - buggy right now but I love the Carousel idea
  25. megush

    megush Member

    I found that Barcode Scanner is better for online shopping (see in-store, compare & buy online) but Shop Savvy is better for comparing prices on things you'll buy locally. That being said, I've had the Droid for less than a week, so that opinion may change :)

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