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    Lol nice shows how much I looked
  3. This thread has been great for finding a load of handy apps. I've only looked through the first few pages and found some interesting stuff.

    Of the apps that I use, my favorite has to be SoundHound. It does a great job of identifying songs quickly and accurately. I haven't been able to sing/hum/whistle any songs with results but it's found every song that I've heard playing on the radio, in commercials, or in movies/shows. It's quite handy!

    It was tough to pick just one. Zeam Launcher is also fantastic; I've enjoyed my HTC Merge a lot more since replacing HTC Sense with Zeam. It's got a much cleaner look and is very flexible.

    My favorite widget has to be SiMi Clock. It's a very clean clock with a sophisticated yet subtle look. The battery meter is great because it's simply a small, clean circle that displays the percentage remaining.
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    I just "discovered" a nice feature of dropbox. If you open DB and click "new", "audio", select "Sound Recorder", you can record a memo and it will be saved into whatever folder is open (I have a DB documents folder shortcut). I played it back and sounds fairly close to my voice. I'd been using Tape-a-Talk app to do voice memos, but this means I don't really need it. Not sure if all phones do this, I use Optimus-V.
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    It is definitely on the Droid 3. Thanks!
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    I've upgraded 'Note Everything' with the pro add-on (not a bad price considering how useful it is) and it has added checklists and durable checklists (great for shopping lists) which I'm really liking a lot. The more I use Note Everything the more I like it.
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    As far as instrument tuners go, don't forget DaTuner!

    Yes, it is my own app but as far as precision, accuracy, and responsiveness go, I'm pretty proud of it. Plus it's free and ad-free. (I would love to see somebody put it head to head against all the big guys in a tune-off, but it feels cheesy if I did that myself.) I have seen some complaints that it is too sensitive in a noisy room that I will start looking at soon.

    Otherwise, for app developers, I totally recommend Andlytics. Gives you day to day ratings graphs and if you do accidentally release something stupid, you quickly get feedback because your ratings graph will nosedive.
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    Hi guys and gals,

    Could you please keep the conversation of this thread on topic? This thread contains over 1500 posts, so it's a chore for many new members to read through. We don't want OT posts that they need to wade through to find those great apps that are being recommended. We have a number of threads in the Lounge for OT type conversations or you can take the conversation to PM.

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    Thanks for all of the ideas in this thread!

    I'd like to add:
    Lookout (spy-ware, backups, "find my phone")
    Evernote (great note taker + sync between computer and phone)
    Dropbox (backup and sync for photos/data)
    Juicedefender (extend the battery)
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    What are the top 20-30 most essential apps? I'm a new DInc2 owner and am quite overwhelmed by the amazing choices!
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    There are not 20 "essential" apps... but of the 100 I have on my phone, I think the one I like the most is MultiPicture Live wallpaper. I "could" live without them all... and even without the phone. You'll find no one likes all the same stuff... try what you want, they're almost all free or have a free version. Recommendations here are very good.

    Most popular: Get the All-time popular Android apps on AppBrain
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    Go through this thread and read the descriptions that people give for their favourite app. If you like the sound of it, download it straight away. If it's not for you, uninstall. Simple.

    That's what I did when I was new to Android. This thread, and the entire forum for that matter , are great for getting to grips with Android.
  13. Roze

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    +1 that's what I did. Went through 500 posts at that time. This thread is a treasure trove.
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    I am definitely loving Jango more and more each day - it is a great option for music, they have so many music stations to choose from, it is ad free and works seamlessly on my Optimus S. I am a 80s music fan and they have many great stations to choose from along with every other kind of music imaginable!

    Lookout is another one of my favorite apps for security from malware, adware, etc.

    Do It Tomorrow is a cute little note app to list things you need to do. It only allows you to put things in the current day and for the next day only, hence the name Do It Tomorrow....it is aimed at people who procrastinate all the time! :)
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    nice list man
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    Loving Jango too, it's the only streaming app that doesn't break on me. Even with 4 bars, some of the other ones I used would just disconnect and reconnect constantly.
  17. wafa510

    wafa510 Well-Known Member

    Same here. Slacker and Pandora were a nightmare for me on this phone for some reason, constantly stopping and going. Jango just keeps playing and it is so easy to change your stations and there are just so many great choices! I love it! :)
  18. sanibel

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  19. chrlswltrs

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    That is what I love about being able to cache up to 25 stations with Slacker, no signal at all and I still have my music!
  20. wafa510

    wafa510 Well-Known Member

    Still an Android newbie...how do you cache the music? :)
  21. blkbeltkid17

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    Good question I have no idea
  22. cableguynoe

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    I dont use this app but I'm guessing it does it on it's own. You shouldnt have to do anything.
  23. blkbeltkid17

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    I just got cut the rope this game is a good one
  24. chrlswltrs

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    When you are in the app you long press a station and you will get a popup and one of the options is "cache station."

    You do have to pay for either Plus or Premium service. Totally worth it though considering you get 0 commercials, cache stations, play songs on demand (premium only), and it is still cheaper than satellite radio.
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    Ah, gotcha...thanks for explaining! :)

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