Favorite apps for HUAWEI ASCEND users!General

What's your favorite App from the Market? Also, it would be nice to tell us why! :)

  1. LauncherPro

  2. Go Launcher

  3. ADW.Launcher

  4. Juice Defender

  5. z4root (available at XDA)

  6. Titanium Backup

  7. SetCPU

  8. CPU Booster

  9. Panda Home

  10. Power Amp

  11. Zedge

  12. Handsent SMS

  13. Better Keyboard

  14. Smart Keyboard

  15. Keypurr

  16. Music Box Pro

  17. Cache Mate

  18. Cache Cleaner NG

  19. Dolphin Browser (full or mini)

  20. LauncherPro Icons

  21. Home Switcher

  22. Pandora Radio

  23. Screenshot

  24. Root Explorer

  25. Calendar Widget

  26. People Widget

  27. Facebook Widget

  28. Twitter Widget


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  1. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

  2. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    So i had Beautiful Widgets app for awhile now and had the widgets on my screen until i went on the internet and saw that people could customize it, now i'm an idiot to not look at BW settings >.< lol.
    Anyways so as i went to the
    app drawer>Super Clock Settings>Went to the third tap on the top-Appearance >Super Clock Skins> And only saw one Installed skin, so i went over to the next and only other tab on that page, of "Download skins".
    So then it tells me "Loading Skins List..."----Now this is very slow, and couldn't even see the DL list yet.I left it there for a hour and still on a blank screen that says the same. So i have a Metro PCS Huawei Ascend, thats 1G and is on wifi during all of this process. Anyone had this problem but found a fix??

    -Thanks for reading my problem, if you have a solution to it please feel free to post it :)
  3. Named101

    Named101 Well-Known Member

    I just started using go sms for both sms and mms. My question is everytime i try toz download a pic it says download was unsucessful, any settings i have to change. A reminder i still have stock sms
  4. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    sounds like the carrier, specially since your on stock, try sending with stock messaging and see if the problem still exist.
  5. danaj

    danaj Well-Known Member

    I have this same problem with go sms...sometimes I will be able to get a pic, but most of the time I can't and I have to open the stock messaging app to download the pic. It is annoying.
  6. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    i have it set to automatic download in stock mms, and it auto download for go sms pro.
  7. dtfamily

    dtfamily Active Member

    I have Go Launcher EX installed on my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch tablet. On the tablet, I keep getting the occasional (several times a day) error message "dock rubbish data" and it messes up the icons on my dock (putting different icons where I had specific ones before). Sometimes there will be duplicate items in the dock, but it always removes the "App drawer icon" icon. I reset the icons to what I want (only using 1 drawer out of 3 available), and it works fine for a while, but then eventually the message will come up again and messes up my icons.

    I've read if you re-arrange the grid, it may cause this, but I am not doing this when I keep getting this error message. I also have it installed on my HTC EVO cell phones, but am not having any trouble with that.

    Any ideas would be appreciated... Thanks.
  8. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Menu button>preferences>advanced settings>clear rubbish data. Try that and let us know if it helps.
  9. dtfamily

    dtfamily Active Member


    I should have mentioned that I tried that already. There is a checkbox that I unchecked (clear rubbish data), so I thought the problem was solved. But alas, I get the same error message, and when I go back to check, the box is checked again. It won't default to unchecked or stay that way...
  10. Named101

    Named101 Well-Known Member

    First I wanna say I have CM7 latest build. Well I'm having a problem downloading skins for any setting clock or weather. I get an fc saying something process. levelup.com stopped unexpectedly. Anyone else having this issue and how can I resolve it.
  11. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

    I have CM7, and just downloaded clock and weather skins yesterday. Didn't have an issue, other than losing service as we were going down the road. But as soon as the bars lit back up, they downloaded and I applied them with no problems. Did you delete and reinstall BW?
  12. ardchoille

    ardchoille Well-Known Member

    BW running great on CM7 here. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling beautiful widgets? This sometimes fixes problems.
  13. Named101

    Named101 Well-Known Member

    Tried that still getting fc's
  14. Ashleyh06

    Ashleyh06 Well-Known Member

    My phone froze the other day.. N when I got it runnin .. All my apps were deltd n rearranged n even my gallery icon was missing.. Yes I had it backed up but it was still all discombobulated and even the wallpaper has a "blownup"/ "zoomed" appearance.. N it is like tht for any wallpaper I pick.. Why would this be?
  15. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Did you somehow get switched back to the stock launcher (canvas)? The one with the 9 home screens in a 3x3 grid? The backgrounds were always zoomed in like that on that launcher.
  16. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Do you have the newest update of Go launcher? Mine doesn't have a check box, it's just like a button you press from time to time I guess. Idk, I've never had any rubbish data whenever I've pressed it. Maybe it has something to do with being on a tablet. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  17. Jade Williams

    Jade Williams New Member

    where can i find Go sms pro at on my phone i have a motorola i1 phone with the android market it looks like they took it off
  18. Ashleyh06

    Ashleyh06 Well-Known Member

    Nope its go launcher... Thats y im like wtf... Lol
  19. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Only thing I can think of is uninstall and re download, or try another launcher to see if it still does it. Idk, that is weird. :confused:
  20. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

  21. Ashleyh06

    Ashleyh06 Well-Known Member

    Ya.. Funni thing is now the fonts work! Ahahaha frickn phnz mayyne
  22. kgreendenver

    kgreendenver Well-Known Member

    I got them too..
  23. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    lol. Yeah, I think these phones are alive and just like to mess with us sometimes. :rolleyes:
  24. Ashleyh06

    Ashleyh06 Well-Known Member

    Haha totally cuz its funni how one phn wrks fine with sumthn while another totally bricks from the same thing... Hmm ... Now I wunder.....
  25. mdside71

    mdside71 Well-Known Member

    I love GoSMSPro, for that matter i love majority of the GO products. They work very well. I have never had any problems sending or recieving with Go SMS on any media. It is truly a wonderful little tool.

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