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  1. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    MoboPlayer, but not sure if it supports streaming.

    Does it matter? :) Sprint has been able to detect many tethering methods for at least a year.

    For more on FoxFi vs Sprint, let's take it over here - http://androidforums.com/htc-evo-4g-lte/562546-foxfi-htc-evo-4g-lte.html ;)


    OK, my app pick - QuickDesk BETA.

    Double tap the Home button, a translucent overlay comes up over your running app and allows you to swap to something else - it supports apps, and many widgets or shortcuts, and you configure what you like.


    If you swipe up at the bottom of the screen, you get a left-right slider for your recent apps -


    Pretty handy, and yep, the hidden Mirror app shows up in the list of app choices and it works. :)

    Launches with its own set of instructions.

    edit - I was moving so quick, I forgot to add above and also mention - Radar Now - this is indispensable when you need a real-time look at weather radar without a lot of muss and fuss.


    By the way, when you switch apps this way, when you exit the app you switched to, you come back to the app you were in originally.

    Example, I can be web browsing, get to Radar Now via QuickDesk, and when I exit, I'm back at my browser.

    I've long considered this the missing link in Android for multitasking.

  2. Cactus73

    Cactus73 Well-Known Member

    Yep, it matters to me, that's why I asked. :cool:

    I like Raindar better.
  3. slamjet

    slamjet Well-Known Member

    Is there an app that will create a file/printout all the apps that is on the phone?
  4. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Well-Known Member

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  5. tsipa

    tsipa Well-Known Member

    I've been using HBO Go with Time Warner Cable for months now without any issues.
  6. Oddball

    Oddball Well-Known Member

    I didn't bother before, just took his word for it but I just checked hbogo.com and in fact the sign up box shows TWC as a listed provider you can use. Not sure why it wouldn't work for him.
  7. nullspace

    nullspace Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I wonder what I'm doing wrong :confused: I'm using version 4.2.5. I've poked around in all the settings, but couldn't find anything that would put the cursor keys back.
  8. dave4

    dave4 Member

    Has anyone tried "Wheres my droid"? Is the Cerberus better? (i also consider battery usage, not sure how Wheres my droid drains the battery)
  9. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    I've also tried where's my droid, cerberus is better.
  10. Cactus73

    Cactus73 Well-Known Member

    I have been using WMD for almost two years without any battery drain problems.

    I use WMD to find my wifes phone that she misplaces all of the time, so for me WMD (free) is better.
  11. PattiCakeUS

    PattiCakeUS Well-Known Member

    This is weird.... I switched to the stock keyboard again and went into Handcent and the cursor keys weren't there now. With the stock keyboard enabled I then went to the stock messaging app and the arrows were there... then I switched back to the Swype keyboard, then back to the stock keyboard, went into Handcent, the arrows are there again. :confused:

    Good thing I don't use the arrow/cursor keys because it would drive me bonkers if they came and went like this.

    :smokingsomb: (I just saw this and thought it was cute, has nothing to do with the conversation)
  12. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    Its new to Android... so that's why there is not many downloads, yet.. If you check it out through iTunes and the BlackBerry market... there's a lot of reviews. See: https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/29150/?lang=en Same Dev: Comatis
  13. JoshUng

    JoshUng Well-Known Member

    I loved Handcent on my OG Evo, but on my LTE the contact photos don't show up, and its mroe distracting than I thought it would be, had to go Chomp. The other ones I used woudn't allow me to select a specific song from my phone (only their list).

    I do miss pop up texts though.

    For Browsers, after my memory starting running thin on the Evo, I removed them all, but now that I have room to spare on the LTE, I'm going to have to give them a shot.
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  14. kbp08tls

    kbp08tls Well-Known Member

    Contact photos show just fine for me in Handcent. If you mean pulling in profile photos from Facebook, there's a fix for that if you're rooted here: Pocketables
  15. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Well-Known Member

    FYI, for anyone that is wondering, Swype has, and has always had (as far back as I can remember using it), arrow keys. However, they are difficult to find if you don't know how to get there.

    To access the arrow keys on Swype:
    While you have the keyboard open, hit the button the transfer over to the number keyboard (123 / +!=), that key will then change to (Edit / ABC), now press and hold that button for 2secs. And there they are. ;)
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  16. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Big screen makes a great book reader, I can't recommend Mantano enough.

    I think I will give Xscope another go.

    If you use multiple browsers Choose Browser is a must have.
  17. guywithbluepants

    guywithbluepants Well-Known Member

    Has anyone used iris for personal assistant app

    Top apps for me is
    Baseball superstars 2012 game is crack
    Fishing superstars another addicting game
    For browser I use dolphin with opera since I work for major sat. company when I close out jobs sometimes phone they give us doesn't get signal
    Wifi analyzer
    Dropbox-even thou I can't figure out how to drop apps in there yet
    I used to use alarm clock extreme it is so hard to figure out what 12x5 is at 4 in the morning
    Jumping jacks jailbreak- game a friend developed so I gotta support
    And sometimes I use police siren for Bluetooth in my car when cars don't know when to make rights they turn fast when the hear that lol
  18. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    guywithbluepants - I think you want to check out Satellite AR. ;) :)
  19. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Well-Known Member

    Fyi, xscope's pin zoom is currently not working. However I have contacted the dev and he is working on it
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  20. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Ah, but that won't help you if you say, lose your phone at a bar, movies, restaurant.. etc.
  21. ZepTepi

    ZepTepi Well-Known Member

    Why not?

    If you've lost it while, say, out on a date and don't recall where you last had it why couldn't you zero in on it with google maps then go there and ring it?
  22. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    I like being able to remotely lock it first, and maybe even call myself with it to see what's going on in the background. Not to mention, Cerberus acts as a device administrator, so it can't be removed from the phone without a password.

    Also, since Cerberus is a root app, you can remotely turn on GPS/Wifi as well for fine tune location instead of relying on the cell network.
  23. guywithbluepants

    guywithbluepants Well-Known Member

    Ohnyeah I had something like that on my evo I just couldn't remember the name of it I get used to where satsuma are but it does help for customers that don't believe the trees are in the way
  24. PattiCakeUS

    PattiCakeUS Well-Known Member

    I've tried Jeannie (aka Voice Actions), Vlingo (quite a while ago), Skyvi, and just recently, Eva. They're all really interesting but I didn't find any of them good enough for me to keep them on my phone. Mostly I'd use an app like that right now for incoming/outgoing texts while driving, otherwise I can look anything else up myself (when not driving ;)) and don't really feel the need for an app to do that for me.

    • Jeannie was amusing to argue with but didn't seem to have the capability yet to read incoming texts, although I really like how she works for sending outgoing texts. She always confirms "really say 'hey how's it going?' to Abe Lincoln?" before sending the text. This app has a few options to customize, simple to use.
    • I tried Vlingo quite a while ago so maybe I should try it again since I don't remember anything specific & I'm sure it's been updated, the only thing I remember is that it didn't impress me for my uses at the time.
    • Skyvi can both read incoming and send outgoing texts but I hate the way it just sends off a text (which might have totally the wrong words if it didn't hear you correctly :rolleyes:) or makes you look at the screen to confirm it before sending. Kind of defeats the purpose of being hands-free. This app has hardly any options at all, very simple.
    • I just tried Eva after my brother kept telling me how great it is - it does seem to be a much more comprehensive assistant app but she irritated the #$%@ out of me by not being able to understand most of what I said, when other personal assistant apps and google voice understand me just fine. I uninstalled to keep from chucking my phone at the wall from frustration with that, no idea what the issue was but I didn't want to deal with it. This app has a TON of options, it almost seems too complicated for the average user.
    That's exactly what I love about alarm clock extreme; I tend to be one of those people who can just turn off the alarm in my sleep & have no idea I did it, so having to do math - although I pick the EASY math problems - works awesome for me. I suck at math when I'm wide awake so easy math problems are hard enough first thing in the morning, I have it set to solve 3 before I can turn it off or snooze.
  25. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Well-Known Member

    I recently tried them too, and it's really getting on my nerves. All I want is one of these apps that will connect through my bluetooth headset. I can use my bluetooth to activate each of these, however none of them will listen through my bluetooth mic! No matter how they are activated, they all listen through the phone's mic... except for the native voice search... but the native voice search is entirely too limited for my needs. :(

    Does anyone have a recommendation for one that actually utilizes bluetooth for voice commands?

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