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  1. Mark1987

    Mark1987 Active Member

    Can annyone recommend any good games, possibly free, on the android marketplace?

    Also, it'll be nice to try some games using the six-axis motion sensor.

  2. Surfer

    Surfer Well-Known Member

    Well these may not use the six-axis motion sensor but I find these fun to play every once in a while or when I am sitting around.

    Robo Defense

    as for free apps, I like What the doodle?!!? light, Abduction light, and super KO boxing.
  3. Vtec

    Vtec Well-Known Member

    Best games I've played so far are heavy gunner, assassins creed, hero of sparta, hungry shark, skies of glory, asphalt hd, zenonia, caligo chaser, fifa 2010, backbreaker football, nova, sandstorm, sky force, and homerun battle 3d. My next game will be exzeus as I hear that's the best looking game out and I really wanna see what this thing is capable of.
  4. Surfer

    Surfer Well-Known Member

    Its really good, its like Gundam (idk if you know that show) but it makes the experience so much better
  5. norsairius

    norsairius Active Member

    SNESoid is awesome, worth the $4 it costs... just make sure you know where to get SNES roms though.

    As for free games, I like WordUp. It's a pretty fun little puzzle game.
  6. Vtec

    Vtec Well-Known Member

    If you get any of the emulators you can get any roms you want from coolrom.com
  7. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Well-Known Member

    I'm loving skies of glory
  8. Coppanuva

    Coppanuva Active Member

    Sold it to me with this sentence and a quick video.

    So far I'm enjoying:
    Zenonia- It's an action-RPG type game that's pretty fun.
    Cestos- You have some marbles and you try to attack your opponents marbles and make them fall in holes. It's a good fun game with online play.
  9. Surfer

    Surfer Well-Known Member

    Haha I am guessing you happen to know what gundam is?
  10. Clienterror

    Clienterror Active Member

    I'm a Homerun battle 3d and sniper vs sniper addict :-(
  11. xx DROiD ERiS xx

    xx DROiD ERiS xx Well-Known Member

    Mookz on Homerun Battle 3D add me ooo and if you want the 2000 reward for 10 wins in a row..hit me up..i have patience :)
  12. Jofaba

    Jofaba Well-Known Member

    CASUAL (so far)
    Air Control Lite
    Copy Cat Lite
    Labyrinth Lite
    Paper Toss
    Speed Anatomy

    ADVANCED (free)
    Asphalt 5
    various emulators
    Homerun Batter
    Robo Defense
    Speed Forge 3D
    Tank Recon 3D Lite
    Winds of Steel Demo

    Advanced (paid)
    Speedx 3D

    bout to buy Asphault HD I think.
  13. acp

    acp Well-Known Member

    I sideloaded NOVA, that is a pretty sweet game, but I played it on the iPhone 4 as well and the gameplay was slightly different, instead of moving around with your finger the iPhone took advantage of it's gyroscope....I thought the Galaxy S phones had something similar (6 axis accelerometer)?
  14. Vtec

    Vtec Well-Known Member

    I have to say when I first saw robo defense I thought it looked silly and lame.....then I tried it. Holy crap it is awesome. I am hooked on this to the point that all my battery goes to this game
  15. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Well-Known Member

    Air Control Lite is very fun, i have a high score of 60 so far. :)
  16. acp

    acp Well-Known Member

    Toss It, WordFeud, Carrom3d, NOVA, Paper Toss
  17. Steemax

    Steemax Well-Known Member

    Definetly Doodle Jump and Robo Defense :D
  18. jennifer123

    jennifer123 New Member

    Speed Forge 3D
    Car Games
    Fighting Games
  19. yahoowizard

    yahoowizard Well-Known Member

    No Angry Birds in any of the above posts, wtf. 1 million downloads in a day for the game and no appreciation =0. But yeah, my favorite game of like, all time.
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  20. LeRolls

    LeRolls Active Member

    Angry Birds
    Sky Force Reloaded
    Super Tumble
    Homerun Battle 3D
    Guns 'n' Glory
    Asphalt 5
    Reckless Racing
    Bonsai Blast
    Heavy Gunner
    NFS Shift
  21. Infinite-t

    Infinite-t Well-Known Member

    NESoid and SNESoid for sure! But Im oldschool like that!
  22. dmp316

    dmp316 Well-Known Member

    Right now my are

    Angry Birds
    Final Fantasy VI
    Air Control
    Guns n Glory
    Hungry Shark
  23. cmt074

    cmt074 Well-Known Member

    Angry Birds
    Fruit Ninja
    Basketball Lite
    Paper Toss
    Not a game exactly but PowerVocab

    Just to name a few.

    I'm gaming on my Captivate 100 times more than I ever gamed on my PSP.
  24. Jeffch

    Jeffch New Member

    Don't install Robo Defense, or you'll be too addicted to be in game!!
  25. u0berdev

    u0berdev Member

    Radiant is the only game that hold my attention for long. Great game.

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