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  1. dspl1236

    dspl1236 Well-Known Member

    Mine is battery %


  2. ortrigger

    ortrigger Well-Known Member Contributor

    I definitely like percentage. Most oem roms don't have that. I, personally, like the ui too.
  3. MrB206

    MrB206 Well-Known Member

    Agreed. The battery percentage, and that it's 1% increments is awesome. For years, we griped to Motorola because they didn't offer the percentage and when they did, it was only 10%. This phone was 1% out the box and the ICS colors and icon make it even better.
  4. Corki2

    Corki2 Well-Known Member

    I love battery percentage, but my favorite feature is SMS Popup. I love the incoming call screen with the huge photo caller ID and the answer, reject our text reply options. The interface is the best I've ever seen on any device. I've had HTC, Moto and Samsung. None of them as nice and customizable as this. My phone is fast and fluid now. LG just became a real contender in my opinion. :)
  5. PrinceCorwin

    PrinceCorwin Well-Known Member

    Have to agree with all the above... also how folders show icons of included apps instead of the plain drab tan folders from V6
  6. Mrdroid921

    Mrdroid921 Well-Known Member

    Battery percentage and also the sweet motion zooming feature in the browser.
  7. blueracer90

    blueracer90 Well-Known Member

    I like the battery percentage, the zoom on the browser, the gestures, the folders, the zooming and the unlock into application from the lock screen. Face unlock is nice but a little slow at times.
  8. woahdroid

    woahdroid Member

    Being able to go to the settings from the statusbar is nice. Also the screen when you add widgets is so really nice, you can switch screens with out backing out, and it is a lot more fluid
  9. TheBigKahuna

    TheBigKahuna Well-Known Member

    Battery life is tremendously improved.
  10. allbroncos

    allbroncos New Member

    I like how you can change the quick settings at the top of the notification bar. Also how you can get rid of notifications one at a time by swiping them to the side.
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  11. Lightswarm

    Lightswarm Well-Known Member

    It has to be the easy shortcuts in the lock screen. I use it so much, how useful. Also I love the unlock animation, it just looks smooth, and no I don't like touchwiz and their lock screen as many compare it and claim they're the same thing.

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