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Favorite Movie App?

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  1. JayP54

    JayP54 Active Member

    I'd like to watch movies on my g tab - including ones I got through iTunes. Recommendations? I have Doubletwist for the audio files. Thanks.

  2. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Well-Known Member

    Currently using RockPlayer, but Vplayer and Arc Media are also good. I can't comment on itunes compatibility as all of my videos come from...elsewhere, lol, but all three of those can handle a wide variety of formats so I would guess that at least one will meet your needs.
  3. SamuraiBigEd

    SamuraiBigEd Under paid Sasquatch! Moderator

  4. watersrules

    watersrules Well-Known Member

    Exactly. :D
  5. DireMerlin

    DireMerlin Member

    i am not sure if its the version of rock player that i am using - but i havent got rock player to play or even open any of the video (.avi) files i have - any suggestions?
  6. watersrules

    watersrules Well-Known Member

    is the avi file on sdcard1 or sdcard2?
  7. DireMerlin

    DireMerlin Member

    sdcard 2 (16gb micro sd card) - i have rockplayer as my default media player so when i click on the avi file from file explorer (astro) it gives me an error (like rock player crashed or can not open this file ect.) - sad because the rock player on my dad's droid x plays the same vid files...so not sure which version will work on the tablet...using CM6 and vegan if that helps
  8. watersrules

    watersrules Well-Known Member

    have you tried opening from rockplayer instead of going through astro?
  9. DireMerlin

    DireMerlin Member

    yes tried that also...same problem - i think theres like some versions of rock player that does not work on the gtab...but i am just not sure which version are working...so if some one cal tell me the version of rock player they are using/working that would be great...thanks
  10. watersrules

    watersrules Well-Known Member

    I'm using RockPlayer Lite version 1.6.3

    I'm almost positive I've viewed avi files on my gtablet.. however, as I convert some full movies, I've done so to mp4

    I remember reading somewhere that some people had issues with RockPlayer when file size got too large.
  11. DireMerlin

    DireMerlin Member

    so interesting thing happened when i navigate into a avi file i get the option to open it with es video player (es file manager app) - and that has been playing all my avi files with out a problem - i will give rockplayer 1.6.3 a shot and see how that works out
  12. watersrules

    watersrules Well-Known Member

    hmm.. thats good to know

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