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  1. maddog015

    maddog015 Well-Known Member

    Hi all. My first topic!

    I know this has been brought up in the past, but last mention of this is about 3 months ago. And in those 3 months, there have been probably thousands more new apps out there for our phone.

    So, what are the favorites? And what are must-haves? This goes for games as well. Are there games that are still getting constant play on your phone?

    In my opinion, Handcent and Shapewriter seem to be my favorite and necessary ones. As for games, I keep playing Cestos.

  2. Matlock

    Matlock Well-Known Member

    In Order by most used to less used apps.

    *Handcent SMS
    *PDANet - Free Internet by your Mobile Network
    *3G Watchdog - Minitors Mobile Internet (While I am using PDANet)
    *Net Counter - Tracks entire life of phones WIFI and Mobile Internet

    *Screeble - Helps save battery by Orientation
    *City Caller ID
    *aTrack Dog - Checks for updates to your favorite apps
    *Mobile Defense - Very useful tool to locate your phone if lost or stolen
    *AndroZip File Manager
    *Task Manager
    *Car Locator - Never know when you'll need it
    *Home Switcher - Change between different home screens
    *Spare Parts - Settings that Eris doesn
  3. treborcj

    treborcj Well-Known Member

    I can not find the City Caller ID app. Can you send me the apk?
  4. Matlock

    Matlock Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately the developer of City Caller ID is being sued for Illegal Use of a Patent. So by now it has been removed from the Market and the most recent update I am sure caused the downloaded apps for it to stop functioning.

    City Caller ID is already patented by another company

    If I can find the APK I'll send it on over. ;)

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