Favourite Gorillaz Song?

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  1. Spoggy

    Spoggy Active Member

    Mine's Some Kind Of Nature :)

  2. ekyle

    ekyle Well-Known Member

    I've always liked Feel Good Inc., Clint Eastwood, and 1990-2000 (in that order). I know those are the popular ones but they're my favorites
  3. Spoggy

    Spoggy Active Member

    Yeah I saw them at the O2 London in October, It was great
  4. VegasOnAcid

    VegasOnAcid Well-Known Member

    Did you check out the album they released on Christmas?
  5. Spoggy

    Spoggy Active Member

  6. GodFlow

    GodFlow Active Member

    So many great songs.

    Currently: Empire Ants.

    All time favorites: Demon Days, Sound Check (gravity)
  7. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Well-Known Member

    Always loved Clint Eastwood.
  8. gohausmachine

    gohausmachine Well-Known Member

    Always love clint eastwood but superfast jellyfish is my favorite right now.
  9. lostprophet894

    lostprophet894 Well-Known Member

    Last Living Souls. :)
  10. lunameow

    lunameow Well-Known Member

    I can't just pick all of 'em? :(

    If I have to pick just one, Feel Good Inc., mainly because it kept popping up on my playlist during Lich King raids in WoW. Fond memories. :)
  11. andywarno

    andywarno Well-Known Member

    Dirty Harry
  12. Snedd

    Snedd Well-Known Member

    Dare - just for Shaun Ryder's disembodied head in the video.
  13. gregtrips

    gregtrips Guest

    All Alone, White Light, Dare from Demon Days.
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  14. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    M1A1, Punk, Tomorrow Comes Today, Dracula... so many good ones.
  15. LBapps_Mike

    LBapps_Mike Member

    Feel Good Inc. is a good one. Do people really still listen to these though ?
  16. TaeshaRodrigue

    TaeshaRodrigue New Member

    I love the song where they are singing Get the cool Get the sunshine this one is really good:)
  17. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    tough one, theres a ton of good songs. Huge fan of Dare,Clint Eastwood, White light, Fire coming out of the monkeys head, Also i like plastic beach, and On melancholy hill.

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