Features of New Le Os 3.0 (its CM 2.3.7), Hope for Le Os 4.0General

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  1. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    May 30, the Official Le Os 3.0 will be released.
    you can upgrade it from internet or go to lenovo store in china...
    some features are..:
    Briefly about the New 3.0 firmware features:
    (1) version number cm2.3.7
    2 )Clover as an independent plug-ins can be freely defined
    (3) dynamic weather
    4 timer switch
    (5) shutdown alarm clock
    6.Photo by Image Head ( crude google translation) no idea what it means..
    7 music service integration
    8 ....... follow-up will continue to improve.

    another google translation read this:
    addition, Andrews 4.0 official music phone is also positive and high-pass negotiations, said the music phone generation late is expected
    The upgrade has basically been determined, the production of the firmware will be conducted after the release of the New 3.0 , the fastest in June, July or outcome, so stay tuned.

  2. linus zhang

    linus zhang Member

    I am a Chinese,I pay attention to weibo(like twitter)that Mr. Chen's(His Chese name is陈德勇).He say the new os is Chita2012,So,I think this is a bad news.The new os isn't lenovo's product.It's chita's product.I want to tell you,Chen say the new os is leos 3.0 when lenovo decide upgrade lephone.Then Chen told us the new os is new 3.0.Finaly,He told us the new os is ..........I am angery
  3. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    lets hope for the best..and wait...
  4. k.oleg

    k.oleg Member

    dude your english is horrible, i can't understand anything

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