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  1. surjeet s

    surjeet s Active Member

    After enjoying with A70 for last 6 months, yesterday I bought a new mmx ninja A50. This phone has OS 2.3.6 GINGERBREAD. Phone response is very good and features are also fine ( as dual sims , 3G , Wifi ) specially at this price tag of just Rs. 4999 only. The most promoted feature of AISHA , I did not try it yet. I want to take backup of stock ROM of this phone for future refrence. Can someone guide me how :questionmark: So far I faced only one problem in this phone & that is NO STEREO FM RADIO. The FM radio works fine with RDS feature but it plays only in MONO . All other music stuff in sd card play fine in stereo mode. Is this a hardware problem or a software problem :questionmark: If anybody have a solution then pl. reply . Thanks.:)

    BHARDIK likes this.

    BHARDIK Active Member

    can i upgrade my micromax a50 ninja 2.3.6 to 3.0 or higher ? if yes then how to upgrade or flash it ?
  3. RaptorX88

    RaptorX88 Member

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