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  1. JCL7966

    JCL7966 Member

    I am probably one of a very few users that actually "uses" the countdown timer, and I use it to countdown the time for my washing machine/dryer to stop:eek:...anyway, I've noticed two things, and perhaps its something I'm doing wrong...

    I can't "save" a countdown time on the S4 like I did on my old, primitive (insert fanboy comparison adjective here) evo 3D, and I also notice when I go back into the timer to check the remaining time, the timer has gone back to the 1:00 setting!:mad::mad::mad:

    I know its doubtless a minor issue compared to everything else posted here, but if Samsung REALLY wants this to be a "Flagship Device", then why did they release it with such an obvious, easy-to-find flaw? Or is it a flaw? I also notice I can't access the countdown timer via tapping Samsung's ginormous, God awful weather clock widget...or the not so ginormous yet equally ugly small clock widget either...perhaps its something I'm doing wrong?

  2. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled VIP Member

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  3. sincarafan

    sincarafan Well-Known Member

    Theres an app called swiss army knife. It has a timer and several other tools to use. I think its pretty neat.
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  4. JCL7966

    JCL7966 Member

    Thank you for responding: I will try one of them, but I hope Samsung takes the time to at least fix the issue
  5. dlphnfn

    dlphnfn Well-Known Member

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  6. JCL7966

    JCL7966 Member

    That is a nice one: is there a paid version? One thing Samsung needs to work on is their widgets...they are ugly...sorry...but they are ugly....especially compared to HTCs...
  7. wedgemoose

    wedgemoose Well-Known Member

    You don't have to say "sorry" JCL. Because you are 100% correct!!!!! HTC widget can't be touched. Nothing in the Play store even comes close. Their widgets are as perfect as can be. flawless!!!!! My dream phone is stock Android with HTC widgets on it (or at least available to use). I don't know how they do it but the HTC widgets are as refined as can be.
  8. JCL7966

    JCL7966 Member

    The only Android phone I have owned other than the S4 is the HTC EVO 3D: many people knocked it as being "gimmicky", but there are times when I miss it. I almost got the HTC One, but it lacked a memory card slot, and only offered 32 GB internal storage. As I had a 32 GB card in my EVO almost filled, I decided on the S4 and an upgrade to a 64 GB card. Sadly at the time I didn't realize Samsung didn't support app to SD like the "gimmicky" EVO 3D did.

    Don't get me wrong: I really like my S4, and with a few (hopefully upcoming) software updates, it will be the "life companion" Samsung wants it to be. But at the same time, if in a year or two HTC releases an "HTC Two" with a memory card slot, I will probably switch back if Samsung doesn't do a few things to get the S4 right.

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