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  1. epilot

    epilot Member

    So I cant post in the "for sale" section because of my post count.

    But I'm thinking about selling my atrix has a cracked screen but phone itself works fine. Package deal comes with laptop dock and car dock with unused mount. The Atrix works just fine, my sister has an atrix 2 thats shes going to give me.

    So I have all original boxes too.

    Willing to sell for $350 shipped for EVERYTHING!!

    I will do a factory reset before I send it out.

  2. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    just curious, how much to repair the screen? Seems worth the money to fix with all the accessories you have.
  3. epilot

    epilot Member

    I got quoted $100 to get the screen replaced.
  4. tchen811

    tchen811 Well-Known Member

    Just to give you a data point. I sold my Atrix with a car dock for $160. The screen wasn't cracked... I think laptop docks can be had for less than $100.
  5. John I

    John I Well-Known Member

    The Atrix is yesterday's news. The phone and especially the accessories have plummeted. Just look at eBay. Given the broken screen and the used accessories, I would say you should be happy to get $100 for all of it and that includes shipping. Sorry. I have recently tried to sell some of my Atrix stuff and found that even the new in box accessories are basically worthless.
  6. epilot

    epilot Member

    Yeah thanks for the input guys. I already got a new phone from work and will be using the Atrix and laptop dock as wifi only and my car dock to record my track days.

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