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  1. Peterpoose

    Peterpoose Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks, what i am after is some suggestions for the best app in your opnion for these that i need...?

    1 - The best Music App
    2 - The best Radio App
    3 - The best Alarm clock app that can wake you up with radio also
    4 - The best Ringtone/email/voicemail/text, sounds alert app
    5 - If you were stranded on a desert island with just your phone and 1 app which would it be?


  2. jwmacdon1231

    jwmacdon1231 Well-Known Member

  3. durandetto

    durandetto Well-Known Member

    1- i Music/ Music Online
    2- Definately Pandora
    3- Don't use phone for alarm clock
    4- Rings Extended to set ring tones, Ringdroid to create your own
    5- Not sure yet
  4. Peterpoose

    Peterpoose Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replys, i got I Music right away and Zedge and Ringdriod awesome ty. Also with Zedge for ringtones its saying there is 600,000 something tones but i can only access like 100 of them by clicking more then it ends, is there a way to get to see all of them or do i have to pay or upgrade?

    Only thing i didnt say was im in the UK and it seems Pandora isnt availible in the UK which is a shame since what i read its a great app aswell as imeem it seems. Any others you guys can think for Question 2?

  5. durandetto

    durandetto Well-Known Member

    Try Slacker
  6. Peterpoose

    Peterpoose Well-Known Member

    lol Also only availible in the US.........sigh
  7. durandetto

    durandetto Well-Known Member

    Well, I guess you need to consider a move.:D
  8. cant0na

    cant0na New Member


    Try searching or selecting different categories while browsing ringtones. In version 1.7 you can choose multiple categories in the browse section.

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