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  1. lgms695

    lgms695 New Member

    First of all, hi everyone. :)

    This is my first android device, I've jailbroken iPods, and I'd assume rooting is similar...?
    What are the benefits? Is it worth it? It doesn't look like there is a way to unroot or fix a brick yet, should I wait?

    Rooting my phone looks like it will be about as simple as jailbreaking, but I'm not sure about the risk of bricking it with no fix.

    Also, I did the 3G boost, but it didn't seem to have any effect..I have not gone over .7Mbps yet, and that was only once, a lot of my results have even been below .1Mbps
    Does my phone need to be rooted for that boost to work?

    If anyone could help I'd appreciate it.

    EDIT: Also, is there any way to get an auto correct/spell check like the iPhone/iPod have?

  2. Nick G

    Nick G Well-Known Member

    Yes, there is a way you can get auto correction even on an unrooted phone, its called downloading a keyboard such as touchpal - the one I use.

    To full talk you through root, I'd need to know what device you will be rooting, but there are a few steps that will be useful regardless. Download rom manager from the play store and make a full backup of your system. This way, if your root causes issues, you can simply boot straight into rom manager and restore your system to what is was when you make the update.

    And, yes, normally you can undo a root. I used superoneclick to root my phone, and there is an option to unroot it in that, as there is in many programs that give you root. Normally you can fix a brick as well, depending on what has hapened, by booting into rom manager and restoring your phone. Obviously if your phone is totally ruined it won't help, but normally it will work fine.

    The benefits of root will depend on what device you're using. With root, you can remove crapware, overclock, install a custom rom, automate some tasks, and generally do cool stuff.
  3. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that he has the LG Optimus M+ based on the fact that his user name is the model number of the OM+. Also, he submitted this in the OM+ forum.

    As to your questions, I'm not sure if this can be un-rooted. This phone has a rooting method but it's not an on-device rooting method. It's a script we run from within Windows or Linux.
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  4. Nick G

    Nick G Well-Known Member

    Ok, So I'm a noob to these forums, and keep track of them through reader. So sue me.
  5. lgms695

    lgms695 New Member

    Yes, I have the LG Optimus M+.

    Is it worth trying? I don't know too much about the benefits, all I really would want are faster speeds(better than .7Mbps) and possibly the option to tether via USB or use my phone as a hotspot, I'm not sure if my phone can do this though. So far, I've had no luck. I'm running Windows XP SP3, and I think I read somewhere you can only USB tether with Vista or 7..is that true?

    EDIT: Found an app called "PDANet", seems to do the trick for tethering, although I can only seem to get ~2Mbps download on my PC, whereas I get ~5.5Mbps on my phone via Wi-Fi.

    Still would like to know how to boost the "3G" speeds.
  6. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    I'm sure you can tether your phone and it will work with windowsXP. In order to tether you must root, go to the All Things Root sections and you will see a guide how to. Once you are rooted, be careful! You can easily brick if you do something wrong, so I also recommend flashing CWM and make a nandroid so that if you mess up your phone, you can restore the nandroid backup. If you mess up flashing CWM and you can't enter back into the phone then you are bricked. PM joneidy if you do get bricked.

    About the 3G boost speeds, no you do not have to be rooted.

    #1 way to make sure you don't brick, read, read, and read. Also only download suff (ROMs and Recoveries) with a good internet connection, DO NOT download with a metropcs connection or any mobile carrier connection, do not download with your phone off of wifi either. If you are unsure about something, ask. The people of these wonderful forums will try to help you to the best of their knowledge.

    P.S. if joneidy doesn't PM you instructions on how to unbrick, I can also. Just PM me.
  7. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    Well, I haven't rooted yet. Just haven't had too much time with working 2 jobs and a family. I am running XP SP3 as well and have USB tethered with my old original Optimus M. I used an app called pdanet. It is free, unless you need to visit secure sites. It allowed me to use my computer with my phones internet. Now, Metro has put restrictions on tethering, so you may not be able to do that. I haven't tethered in quite a while so I don't know. Search on the forums and you'll find some good info.
  8. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    You were ninja'd and he edited his post saying he found PDAnet :p
  9. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    Sure was. 'Course, in my defense, I started typing and then had to put my phone down to help my wife get the kids ready to leave the grandparents house. By the time I finished my post, about a half hour had gone by.:D
  10. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    You should not have to root for wired tether. I've used EZTether on my previous phone without root, the app specifically states root not required. PDANet should be the same. It will work on XP.
    Wireless tether does not work on this phone, rooted or not. It will only produce an ad-hoc signal and does not function as a true hot-spot or access point. There may be a fix for this but I'm not aware of one yet. It did work on the Optimus M which had the hot-spot functionality, but not the M+.
  11. lgms695

    lgms695 New Member

    So really, what I'm getting out of this is that there is not much need to root?
  12. Nick G

    Nick G Well-Known Member

    Probably not. While root does allow you to do cool stuff, it sounds like you wouldn't benefit from it. So it would just be an empty risk.

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