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  1. ImCharming

    ImCharming Active Member

    So time ticks closer to the time I can get a new phone, which is the 26.. Well I have a few questions.

    I'm curious, lets say I get a TB and it has flaws, I only have 14 days to exchange/return it. If I exchange/return it does that restart the 14 days?

    I saw that the power button and stuff is sinking into the phone, what if that happens a year in to having the phone? am I SOTL? (I will have the 2 year contract)

    Do phone companies release new batches of phones with fixed hardware, for example the power button sinking in? Do they receive feedback and fix that on the next batch of shipment or is it just the same as the first day?

    And finally is there any news at all on another 4g phone coming out within the next few weeks or does it look like the TB is going to be the only phone out for a while?

    Thanks :D

  2. Kurup7

    Kurup7 Member

    Well first off depends where u get ur phone for the exchange ...I got mine at best buy so I get 30days! No ur 14 day does not reset! Lol...and yes there's maybe to more 4g phones coming out just not sure when...I say grab the TB ....its a great phone..but that's just me
  3. ImCharming

    ImCharming Active Member

    How do I return/exchange a phone if I order it online? Do I have to ship it back to say, amazon? or can I take it to a VZW store to take care of it
  4. Kurup7

    Kurup7 Member

    Idk how ordering online works for exchanges that y I don't mess with em..Sry...I took mine to bestbuy on the 15 day because mine was having issues ...n got a new one and came up on a new 32gig mcard because the Guy for got to take it out lol! So now I have to! Nice!
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  5. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    If you purchase it through an online retailer like Amazon, I believe you have to contact that to arrange a return/exchange. If you get it from VZW directly , be it online, or telesales, you normally would contact them to do it, however you can also visit a corporate store to handle it too, in a pinch.

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