File manager for rooted phone??

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  1. goughy

    goughy Well-Known Member

    Edit: oops sorry, kind of a double post as I eventually found the thread I was after and asked there. But since I pressed the post thread button I may as well ask here.

    I'm trying to replace a notification file in system/media/audio/notification and not having much luck. Astro won't do it. I've tried the file manager in Android Mate (given su permission) and it deleted the original file and when I transfer the new one in it says it was successful but the file doesn't show up. Reboot and it's still not there.

    Is there a good free file manager that will work with rooted phones, or what is the best paid one to go for? Thx

  2. goughy

    goughy Well-Known Member

    OK, I'm trying SU file manager and it shows a lock symbol next to the system folder, so I'm guessing that means I can't transfer to it. Yet I was able to delete from it yesterday with Android Mate but not transfer to it. Still at a bit of a loss here. Sorry.

    Edit - if it helps I rooted using RyanVA's oclf.

    Edit again - problem solved. Just gotta find the right app. Root explorer did it for me.

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