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  1. bigdavec81

    bigdavec81 Member

    I have been using a file manager to try and find the text files for my Vortex, but can't seem to find them. Everything i've read says I should either look in the SYSTEM folder and then find the sms folder, which doesn't seem to exist, or look in data/data/.... but there is no "data" folder within my "data" folder...

    Does anyone know where the vortex actually saves the sms information, and how I could access it using a file manager?


  2. rcpinnegar

    rcpinnegar New Member

    I've been having the same problem. I finally found some promising info that indicates the phone has to be rooted in order for you to find it. Also, is in a .db (database) format and will therefore require a database software (like MS Access or Sqlite) to open.

    I'm too new to post links, but here is my source:
    Where on the file system are SMS messages stored? - Android Enthusiasts
  3. rcpinnegar

    rcpinnegar New Member

    I'm looking into as a work-around until I can root my phone (I'm still a novice and need to follow a tutorial). The site says you can store and manage your texts on their site for free. It looks like you have to download an app to your phone as well as have an account with the website. If I can export my texts to a spreadsheet I'll be satisfied for a little while.

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