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  1. 211reddog

    211reddog Well-Known Member

    has anyone else had this d? when i download a file online, it saves in a golfer "download" which is in a folder called external somthing sorry. no big then i noticed that there were no "my" folders , so i made some and moved videos to out and music to it's.the problem is the players aren't seeing the files I've moved. i tried moving them back to the external../download folder, still nothing.they played finger from the gdownload folder first but nono more. but i can play, watch, listen to the fliles yhrough my file explorer app. the google play myusic app used to show all the songs on my phone,yoo but so far it plu shpes my playlist nsmed w zero songs in list? thid os a not cool yhing! toonage!

  2. citric

    citric Well-Known Member

    Some programs look for a default folder (like /media/audio) you might need to add your newly created folders to the Google app or make the proper folders

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