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  1. DrJim

    DrJim Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 16, 2010
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    I have a new Droid X which I'm mostly enjoying. I have a couple of strange problems with files though.

    1. When I connected to my laptop via usb, I was able to create a couple of files on the SD card that i used to download some text and spreadsheet files. Everything went fine.

    Then two days later i connected via usb and could not see the files!. When I looked on the droid via astro I could see the files on the Droid but not on my computer. I could see the SD card and the files that came pre-installed but not the ones I had added, even though they were still there!

    In addition, I can no longer copy files from my laptop to the SD card. I can copy them into one of the pre-installed files but not directly to the SD card

    2. I added some folders to my main "desktop" on my droid. There are now 3 added folders, one each for games, utilities and favorites. They work OK mostly but one of them will tend to "lock up". I tap it and it flashes but won't open. The other 2 will open. It's not always the same folder that "locks". So far it's been two different ones but only one at a time. If I power off the droid and then power back on (reboot?) all 3 folders work again......until one doesn't.

    Anyone have an idea what's going on here?




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