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  1. walterpreuninger

    walterpreuninger New Member

    I have a droid x. I recently upgraded to 2.2. There are files in the svox folder named like de-DE-gl0-sg.bin and de-DE-ta.bin. the other files are en-GB,en-US,ES, FR and IT. What these files for? Can I delete everyting but en-US, as I will never do anything in german, british, spanish, french or italian.

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  2. Napalm

    Napalm Well-Known Member

    They are the voice patterns for the phone in other languages. IE when you use the text to speech options on the phone, what ever language you selected, tags these files for the voice profile.

    Yes you could delete the others, however. They may reappear with occasional updates. At a minimum I would leave the ones prefaced with EN.

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