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Files to SD Card

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  1. Alfie126

    Alfie126 New Member

    I Recently purchased a Superpad 3 tablet running Android 2.3 but cannot find how to access the 8 gig micro SD card which I installed to add files. Can anyone help please as I am a complete novice :confused:

  2. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    Have you got the file viewer app called MyPad installed? If so open it and you should see two tabs, one 'local' and one 'SD1', the local is your internal tf card and should show the available free space at the bottom of the screen, and the SD1 is the external tf card (this is dependent upon the firmware you have installed). If you insert a usb flash drive it will come up as UDISK1 or 2
  3. binarydigit

    binarydigit Member

    Do I need to install any drivers or has an external USB to be formatted a special way, as various cards will not show up?

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