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  1. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Could someone give me a link thats NOT 4shared to download all deodex'd apks and .jar files for the Attain? (I dont really need the entire rom ;))

    Benefits of helping me= I help you :D

    Things I plan on doing with them:

    Smooth Scroll mod - this is actually found in official CM7. Disables scrolling cache for smoother scrolling

    Data throttle governor remover

    Volume Step increase

    Swipe to clear notifications

    and a few other things... ;)

    Just either post here or PM me...Thank you :)

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  2. mobileplay

    mobileplay Well-Known Member

    When I tried to deodex the .jar files phone would just boot loop, but I will see if I can get it to work with just the services.jar so we can remove throttling. If its like other phones after your done you wont have access to the mobile network selections so will need to enable data roaming before removing throttle files from settings.jar.

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