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Fillable PDF Forms

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  1. 4sqr

    4sqr New Member

    The Acrobat Reader released for Android in its current state cannot utilize the form filling features of Acrobat. This is an essential feature of Acrobat, especially for tablet applications.

    I have fillable federal and state employment related PDF forms that need to be filled-out on an Android tablet.

    Does anyone have a solution for this? The type writer function won

  2. JDS753

    JDS753 New Member

    I hate to bring up old topics, but has anything come about from this? It would be a great thing for my company were looking at adding some sort of computers and looking at android's!
  3. laotour

    laotour New Member

    I, too, would like to hear about this request...I have a need to fill out forms on my GTab.
  4. safetynetsteve

    safetynetsteve New Member

    The best solution i could come up with for filling forms on an Andriod is using excel. I made my form 5.5 x 8.5 so it will fit on an Android Tab and then I just share it back to my office for data entry in out SafetyNet database. I am hoping Gingerbread will solve some issues with this problem. Also as with anything it takes the developers 6-12 months to catch up.
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  5. laotour

    laotour New Member


    What app are you using for Excel spreadsheets? I've tried both OfficeSuitePro and Quickoffice but neither recognizes protected cells.

  6. af_user

    af_user Member

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  7. shafiekd

    shafiekd New Member

    hey there...sorry, Im bringing up old shit here, but i have the problem whereby the Android 2.2 tab does not recognize the the fields as fillable, even though they are.
    This is using 'Fill and Sign PDF Forms'.

    I've created a fillable form with Adobe Lifecycle Designer 9.0 and the same thing.

    I have a need whereby i need clients to sign off jobcards on the tablet...

    Am i even using the right application?

    If anyone came right or have any idea what I should be using it will be greatly appreciated.

  8. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    ezPDF Reader annouces it's able to fill forms in PDF docs.

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