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  1. 3TJ

    3TJ New Member

    Is it possible to just download a film or tv show str8 to my x10 without 'converting' etc. New to android and wud like to know where I can buy or get free films from for this phone.

  2. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    Anything you download from AVI to MPG to FLV...any media can play, just need the right player.

    I highly suggest ArcMedia for a video plays pretty much everything. Other apps I have tried haven't had the same luck....they might play some file types but then not others.

    How to get movies? That is another forum on another website....but once you get movies from torrents or megaupload or even youtube...copy them onto the phone and then play them with ArcMedia.
  3. CuBz

    CuBz Well-Known Member

    Well I watch alot of movies and tv shows online, and when I was on holiday, I had a few spares hours during the night, so I downloaded an episode of 'How I met Your Mother' straight to my x10 from megaupload, and played it using Rockplayer, which I downloaded from Android market for free
  4. wynney666

    wynney666 Well-Known Member

    There is an app called myPlayer which streams live tv, depends where you are tho

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