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  1. mowrangler

    mowrangler Member

    I've had motorola products since the OG droid, including the X, Xoom, and Bionic. One of my biggest complaints has been that every time I get a new phone, I end up purchasing another couple hundred dollars worth of accessories. However, while poking around on Motorola's website yesterday, I found that they have recently introduced a universal HD dock and HD station that support most of their recent phone and tablet line.

    HD Station for Motorola Tablets and Smartphones - Overview - Motorola Mobility, Inc. USA

    I went into Verizon and had to ask for the dock for the Xyborg, because their system does not show this as a universal component. (I assume Motorola and VZW are trying to sell off the model-specific stuff before pushing the new one) They came out with both the dock ($60) and the station ($100). The difference between the two is that the station includes a HDMI cable and has 3 USB plugs, whereas the dock has the HDMI out but no cable. I bought the station and can confirm it works with both my Bionic (for watching video or webtop OS) and my Xoom. What they did is put the two plug adapter on a "slider" so that you can adjust the dock to center and fit the device.

    I thought this might help some of you who like me have multiple devices, or are just generally opposed to purchasing something over and over again. :D

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  2. Lars

    Lars Well-Known Member

    Nice. Maybe it will work with future phones too. Apple is really good about that.
  3. mikefla

    mikefla Well-Known Member

    100.00 :(
  4. mowrangler

    mowrangler Member

    Honestly, unless you really want the 3 USB ports, I'd probably lean towards the $60 model, which is actually listed as $50 on the Motorola site. I was able to get a 25% corporate discount, which made it a bit more palliatable and decided to pay the extra for USB ports, thinking that it might be handy when I'm travling to use for copying files/movies/etc.

    At least the included the cable with the $100 model, though... the multimedia one for the Bionic is $100, and doesn't include the cable. (although it does have a remote...)
  5. kingnut

    kingnut Well-Known Member

    my droid X dock was SOOO NICE. now i got the POS bionic dock. maybe i will check this out. next phone might not be moto.
  6. mahimahi97

    mahimahi97 New Member

    Hey Guys - I got this dock yesterday...have been trying to use it with my Xoom. The HDMI jack works plays netflix to my TV just fine. For the audio jack, that doesn't work with my RCA cable that goes from the receiver to the dock I go around that by plugging the RCA cable into the headphone jack on the xoom (which is on top.).

    But the dock doesn't charge my xoom. Also, the xoom doesn't come up with any special docking menu when it is on the I am not sure what to do about this. I was presuming the XOOM wasn't compatible, until I read your post and see that you got your xoom to work. Any thoughts on this?

    My xoom usually charges with that tiny pointed tip...not a USB charger. Is the XOOM not USB chargeable? It does give me that error message with the xoom goes on the dock.

    I really want this dock to work for my xoom! :)

    At least I can watch movies for now and have a reach-around for the audio to go into my receiver/surround sound.

    sorry so verbose.
  7. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    You posted this in the Droid Bionic forum. You will probably have better luck in the Xoom forum ... like ... Motorola XOOM - Android Forums.

    ... Thom
  8. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    The xoom does not charge from usb only the pin charger. The dock needs to have the gold pins to charge from.
  9. itsalexaye

    itsalexaye Well-Known Member

    if it works with all of Motorola's future phones (or almost all) then I'd probably get it.

    According to the Compatibility section of the webpage the only phone it's compatible with is the Droid 4 :(
  10. jeffrussell38

    jeffrussell38 New Member

    I found this post and purchased one of these on eBay for 25.50 (bid + shipping) on the chance that it would work with the Droid RAZR MAXX HD. I am happy to say that it works great for it. I use a case for it, and there is a plastic cover on the bottom of the dock where the phone or tablet rests that can be removed for devices with reasonable sized cases, such as the hard shell case sold by Verizon, part number MOTXT926MHOC.
  11. welbinator

    welbinator Well-Known Member

    what's the advantage of this over a micro HDMI to HDMI cable?
  12. Lars

    Lars Well-Known Member

    Anyone notice that HDMI resolution isn't very high? Maybe 480. Makes text hard to read.
  13. welbinator

    welbinator Well-Known Member

    with a standard cable or with this docking station thing?
  14. Lars

    Lars Well-Known Member

    Just a cable. Is it different with the dock ?
  15. welbinator

    welbinator Well-Known Member

    i have no idea. I use the cable, and it looks good enough from like 6 feet away or so. up close it's a big pixlated. I use my phone to watch netflix and it's actually pretty good.

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