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  1. pacinitaly

    pacinitaly Member

    Hello my furure extended family.

    My name is Carmine.

    I finally got the walmart samsung galaxy s2 ($349usd) AT&T Samsung SGH-S959G
    To start, I'm a PC, I don't have any experience w/ linux at all ( prob why I'm afraid of android) I have not used apple products since 1994.

    I have sort of read the manual on the sgs2 but tinkered with it for over 30hrs. I have downloaded 44 apps so far. see pics.

    I'm looking to find a free app that clones/backs up/syncs or restores my phone if/when it crashes. ( i know how to get my contacts- .vcf files over I also found a way to get my bookmarks over... export from IE then put .html file on sd card and create shortcut to it) I'd love to run .bat/.vbs files

    my old phone was a koycera 6350:eek: then I got a palm centro:) ( I used palm with my old job since 1995) see pics attached
    so when I wanted to update outlook 98,2002,2003,2007,2010 I hooked up cable and push sync.. when i needed to master reset the old phones I would do a a sync to make the device return to the last good image.

    So now I'm looking for the same type of app that does it. Fellow techies at work say It can be done via my gmail acct, but I don't see how and I'm afraid to test anything yet. In your android langauge I think, my phone is not bricked, rooted, flashed, rom updated, etc (not well versed on terminology yet)

    Thank you so much in advance,


    ps. I'm a guru at other computer forums, when I'm able to identify I'll let you know. any help I may be to anyone here, I look forward to assisting you.

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  2. pacinitaly

    pacinitaly Member

    kies does nothing for me either,
  3. pacinitaly

    pacinitaly Member

    really... 21hrs no answer?
  4. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    There are several backup apps available, but in order to save a complete restorable image of your phone you will have to root it. Without root (administrative permissions) you don't have access to the necessary files.

    If you want to root, it's fairly easy and then can be done with an app like Titanium Backup, or by performing a "nandroid". It's a lot to absorb, so we can walk you through whichever way you wish to proceed.

    On second look, the SGH-S959G doesn't seem to have a a lot of development options, which is why some may be hesitant to reply. If you use the wrong method to modify a phone model, even if it's in the same family, you can have serious consequences.
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  5. pacinitaly

    pacinitaly Member

    Reading your post, I totally agree. it's true, the SGH-S959G doesn't have a a lot of development options. Oh well there goes $350

    thank you so much lunatic59

  6. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Patience, my friend ... it's a fairly new addition to StraightTalk (August, I think) so give the devs some time.

    You might find this thread interesting
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  7. pacinitaly

    pacinitaly Member

    Thank you again

    ps your website is great
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  8. marmae0410

    marmae0410 Member

    This may be a dumb question but i am a basic phone user... I dont root jailbreak or any of that stuff. If it does not have a lot of options for devleopments does this mean i need to wait to puchase this phone. I currently have a zte merit and strongly dislike it. I was however able to figure out using platform tools how to make phone save to sd instead of phone as the default saving place. Is this something you can do with the galaxy as well. Would I do it the same way since they are both androids?

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