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  1. kalojado

    kalojado Member

    So after many issues with my Samsung Fascinate, the missed/dropped calls, missing texts, phone freezing and rebooting, lights on bottom going crazy and draining the battery, the spotty GPS, the keyboard not responding to certain letters and the various other issues, myself and my wife have finally been given new phones... and not Fascinates!

    I went into the store and was basically told they could send us out more Fascinates, but they would likely have the same issues. The guy at the store said there will probably be another update in the future for some fixes, but couldn't give me a date... and to me that was the last straw. At the very least I expect this "smart" phone to make and receive calls and texts and when that isn't happening, I expect Verizon to do something about it. So I started emailing customer service every day for a few days and when they told me I could buy a Certified like new replacement, which many are $400 and up, I asked to be contacted by a supervisor. Well a supervisor did call me, and I luckily missed their call. When I called back and talked to customer service, they tried the same old "you can buy a certified like new phone" spiel or talk to one of the techs. I wasn't too keen on this, because I figured they would want me to restore to factory again which I have already done on both phones... but that wasn't the case. I actually got a tech who had owned this phone herself and she admitted the last few updates had not actually helped the phones and didn't know if there would ever be another update since the phone was discontinued. So she offered to switch for the Droid X's. Now not sure if it is the X or the X2, but I think I will be happy with either. I was not trying to get some crazy new phone with 4g and all that, I was just trying to trade for something similar to this phone... that worked. And everything I have read in the Droid X forum, makes me more optimistic about that phone as compared to this phone. So I am happy to report that as of tomorrow, I will be moving on from the Samsung Fascinate.

    I honestly do not think that I will ever get another Samsung phone. There were some great positives to the phone, but overall, my experience with it has been mostly negative. And quite honestly, I think it is kind of a shame and a missed opportunity for Samsung. I think this phone could have very well been a phone to rival the iphone 4. When I decided on my Samsung, I went to the store, tried all the phones out and chose it out of everything else, including the iphone. I just think there was a missed opportunity here and Samsung as well as Verizon dropped the ball. Will I be as happy with the Droid X? Only time will tell, but I do feel better about using the Droid X for the next year or so till my upgrade is in effect, as opposed to using the Fascinate for another miserable 12 months. I just wanted to give you all my story and if you are not happy, demand that they listen and don't take no for an answer. This is my first post here, but I have lurked for a long time and I just wanted to say good luck to you all and take care!

  2. kalojado

    kalojado Member

    I did want to mention too that every step of the way I was nice and respectful to the people I contacted, making them realize I understand it is not their fault and they do not make the phones. I was just always taught its easiest to catch flies with honey...
  3. Lars

    Lars Well-Known Member

    Should have a warranty for a year if it is malfunctioning. The X is a great phone BTW.
  4. MutantCheese

    MutantCheese Well-Known Member

    I have both, but the DX is my DD.
  5. AlissaLL3

    AlissaLL3 Well-Known Member

    I'm leaving my Fascinate on the 3rd but getting the new Nexus! :p

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