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  1. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Finally we got the Mediafire Android Official App now may be for those developers who dosent have highbandwith internet connection or who use the mobile internet for everything can use this app to upload and download the files.

    Now ROM related uploads may be eaiser for the DEVs who use specially mobile internet.

    So just go ahead and get it form here

    Oh your device is showing incompatible then do one thing get it form this link credits to the Uploader (ayanamirei33 of XDA) i am just sharing his post of here.

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  2. satyajit2412

    satyajit2412 Well-Known Member

    Now it is compatible to our MMX A75
  3. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Yup A75 is compitable but A73 seems to be uncompatible so i provided the link for the direct download also.
  4. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Seems it has nothing to do with Root :)

    Btw, I dont think mediafire will be the best for some time from now ....

    Herd of Mega back ?
  5. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Actually after ur post just Google Mega and found that its a new Cloud storage which is going to launch soon with 50GB free storage.
  6. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    You know once there was a huge site called the megashare ! which was like the mediafire of this time :D ! The founder "Kim Dotcom" was arrested for some reasons which You can see on the Wikipedia ... Anyways my point is, He has launched the new which does not only store your content but also ENCRYPTS it :)

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