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  1. Silver Surfer

    Silver Surfer Well-Known Member

    The MJ7 update finally dropped on my O2 branded GN3 this morning. No questions or problems but just thought I'd share.

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  2. Scootmien

    Scootmien Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm still running MJ1 on Vodafone UK here. Nothing OTA or via Kies for me. I'll keep an eye on it.
  3. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    A strange round of updates this. I got an OTA update for my Vodafone branded Note 3 on Wednesday it is MJ6 :

    It was on this :
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  4. mrcaptain

    mrcaptain Well-Known Member

    I've had mj7 on my phone for a week or 2 now. Vodafone network.
  5. Scootmien

    Scootmien Well-Known Member Contributor

    Also on Vodafone. Nada. Still on MJ1

    I'm in no rush though.

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