FINALLY Some Competition For AT&T

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  1. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Remember when there were so many competitor cellular carriers that kept AT&T "in a customer frame of mind"? I remember GTE, MCI and the little purple guy PrimeCo.

    The two giants choked most of these companies out of business. The more provider choices we lost, the more we were sucked into the two giants spiderwebs.

    Looks like there might be some hope on the horizon again...and this time around the alternate carriers should "change ma bell's damp depends" once and for all...and never again allow her to spank us customers like red-head stepchildren .

    Click HERE: Check out this interesting article (dated 09/10/2012)

    "Will This Be Our Last Hope?!......

    ...MEANWHILE:...Back On The Farm.....

  2. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob VIP Member VIP Member

    Well, this group won't have the same market clout as AT&T and Verizon, but if their member companies cover enough Congressional and state legislature districts they could level the playing field a bit. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out.
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  3. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Hey Bob! We're practical neighbors! Im on LTD right now but would normally be at work in the Galleria area. Yup, its more of a political influence these days. A company may have the best services and everything a customer could want, maybe even snatch a few of customers from the giants....but all the giants have to do is flex a political bicept and the little saviors are squashed yet again.

    P. I the "only" one on earth who remembers PrimeCo? I "know"bi didnt dream the lil'guy up, I see old ads online! But no body recalls PrimeCo!
  4. cookiefrog

    cookiefrog Well-Known Member

    GTE is Verizon....Bell Atlantic merged with GTE to form that company. Mostly due to Bell Atlantic wanting to expand into a long distance provider and acquire cell communications. This was back in 2000. It was a hell of a merger for us Bell Atlantic employees as it was done I'm the midst of a strike.
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  5. james515

    james515 Well-Known Member

    primeco was bought by AT&T, but do you remember Arial Communications?
    At one time back in the late 90's there were so many carriers it was a consumer nightmare. My city had 7 carriers, not re-sellers like boost mobile or virgin mobile, but 7 true carriers.

    too much competition is a bad thing, and if the little guys cant keep up, its not the big guys fault, thats just the way business works.
  6. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    I remember a lot of carriers... I dont know, but my take is when we'v e had all options I would say it was consumers paradise ., I fail to see how it was a nightmare.

    Hmm, little guys have been absorbed over the years by the big ones. Thats how they got fat.

    ...Ma Bell SEZ....
    "WHO YOU CALL'N FAT! I'm just Big Boned!l

  7. james515

    james515 Well-Known Member

    one reason you wont see too many more competitors is the frequency spectrum. Until the FCC fixes the current problems and properly allocates blocks of spectrum to the carriers for the fast growing demand, there just wont be enough to go around to allow the little guys to grow.
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  8. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    That hit the nail right on the head! That is precisely what we really are having to contend with. With the bigger ball players having most of the significantly sizeable spectrum under their belts, theres not much to allow the startup, even the smalltime HoustonCellular (back in the day) or any other small carrier that may exist today, to even survive.

    There got to be some act of congress to split this stuff up fairly.......but looks like congress is already "bought" and forced to wear those red or bloo blaizers.
  9. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member


    In addition to mamma bell lashing out at T-Mobile with slandering ads about their network (and T-Mobile comeback add is EXCELLENT), Now ATT is doing a public relations round on their blog called "BOTTOM LINE".... addressing that att will not be effectd or have any drawbacks to the regulation that requires them to unlock users devices once they are paid for.

    Tried posting again and again and again and .... and the GoonMods that att are known for removes them so the posts they allow, "supports" their agenda. There are a token few 'rebuttals' out there , but it looks like these are 'canned' responses that ATT placed because only 'these' particular responses got an ATT follow-up post.. No other posts on their blog gets an acknowledgement.

    All political.
  10. mrnyjet

    mrnyjet Well-Known Member

    i was going to buy locked or unlocked att 4g hspa+/lte phone to use on prepaid and a dealer told me that att and att mvno providers under att orders will not allow those phones on prepaid. Really? They dont let you get lte service even on att prepaid? Does anyone know if this is true?
  11. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    i hope thats not true.l.....but att is known for such a move like that until a competitor does something, cashing in on the competition's silly restriction and grabs the potential customer away or forces att to "Rethink Possibilities"
  12. Joshb101

    Joshb101 Well-Known Member

    As far as I know you can't get LTE on prepaid or any of their MVNOs at least for now. You can access their HSPA+, but no LTE. That has until recently been what all of the big carriers have done so you actually have a reason to go with the actual company instead of a prepaid service.
  13. mrnyjet

    mrnyjet Well-Known Member

    i read after google led me to an att forum that they will let you have talk, text, but no data. If you play around with the apn, you can get 3 g and edge, but that is all. I guess now that metro, boost, and virgin have prepaid lte, along with cricket, tbat as these and t mobile roll out lte into more markets, the deathstar and big red will get dragged into offering prepaid 4g/lte sooner or later.
  14. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Lets hope so! Glad there still are these individual carriers available!
    ( miss the lite Pink PrimeCo Guy)


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